Holding back the Big “O”

This topic came up in one of the many magazines I read and I thought it’d be a good idea to do a blog about it. It’s a touchy subject, but hey, somebody has to talk about it.

My sexy one-minute man

Holding back the big “O” is apparently something a lot of guys suffer through. It’s the need to satisfy your partner before you hit the completion state. As we all know, sleep usually follows. While you’re snoring away in heavenly bliss, your partner is staring at you wondering what the eff happened.

Is that it?

Sometimes men go as far as to give excuses as to why they hit that big “O” so soon. C’mon ladies, you’ve heard it. “This has never happened to me before.” “You were so good, I couldn’t help myself.” And so one…

While it is truly flattering to hear this, we all know the truth. He’d get the same result if he plunged his penis into a bowl warm honey. Mm, honey…

Seriously, guys it’s okay! While you’re concerned about your stamina, we’re concerned about our bodies and whether you still find us attractive without our clothes on. You see, there’s inner pressure coming from both side.

In a magazine, a pretty funny and interesting list was made of several things men did to hold back against the wave of an oncoming orgasm. One said he hated the smell and taste of broccoli so he imagines someone’s shoving it down his throat.  That would probably do it. Another said he thought of his grandmother naked, which I assume would deflate said erection. You get no action with that thought.

I’ve heard from a few of my male friends that they pump one off before sex. I guess if he gets that first one out the way, he’s good to go. So now, we know what they’re doing when they excuse themselves to the bathroom.

Yeah, like we don’t excuses ourselves to the bathroom several times during the date just to check out our business

I say if you’re a one minute man, be the best one minute man you can be. Sixty seconds of perfection is better than nothing! There are other things you can do to make sure your partner is thoroughly satisfied. Also, there are things us women can do to make him last longer. However, this is not a sex education blog, so I won’t get into that. *giggle*

Honestly, I think we fret over nothing. I hear many women complaining about their men not lasting long enough, but at same time, there are women out there who complain about their men lasting too long. Yeah, that’s right! The one hour man. Sometimes when you ask for it, you get it.

It can either hurt so good, or it hurt soo bad.

“Girl, I still can’t walk right. I thought he’d never come,” said a friend of mine, after she left her one-minute man for a screw -you-all-night-or-until-you-beg-for-mercy man.  As I’ve said, you get what you ask for.

5 Replies to “Holding back the Big “O””

  1. LOL. I saw that article!

    And btw, I’d rather have a one-minute man who is quick on the reload than an all-night-and-I’m-counting-ceiling-tiles-I’m-so-bored man.

    Plus, there’s a few things a girl can do to prolong that one minute to a bit longer. It’s the art of the Tease. 😉

  2. Communication is key. But that can only be done effectively, I think, if the couple involved know each other. So I’m not sure it works for that one night of passion type of thing. Maybe they should all start concentrating on that twenty minutes of foreplay before they stick it into the warm honey. LOL

  3. I’d take 30mins of foreplay and the rest to hot sweaty sex. I personally feel it’s not right for a guy to be finished one minute, then go to sleep. I say if your gonna do something, do it right and do it right the first time or die trying. LOL!!

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