‘Til Death Do We Part

Hello world!

I have a dark story to share, all in the name of Halloween. This is not a horror story, well it may be horrific for some. Betrayal, heartbreak, and madness.

Warning; this one may leave you gasping in shock. *grinning mischievously*


‘Til Death Do We Part

By Yvonne Nicolas

I couldn’t move, nor could I take my eyes off of him. My dear husband…

Sweat beads trickled down Randy’s sculpted back to disappear between the cleft of his backside. The sheen of perspiration gleamed against his sexy copper toned skin and impressive muscles. His deep moans mingled with his lover’s soft mewls to serenade the quiet room used as his home office. The stale scent of sex permeated the air.

My dear husband…

Bent over the leather chair I bought him three years ago, was his lover, taking the brunt of his ten-inch cock.

“Dana, you there? Don’t do anything crazy. Just walk away and leave him for God’s sake!”

The high pitch voice of my sister screaming from my cell phone became a distant echo in my ear. I could only hear the fervent sexual chorus wafting through the small office.

Focused on his lover, Randy didn’t notice me standing in the doorway. The heaving derriere before him held all his attention. It was good to him. I could tell. His brows were bunched, his eyes were half-mast and slightest drop of saliva clung to the corner of his mouth, or was it his lover’s secretions.

There was a time when he rode my ass just like that. He would plunge relentlessly into my core, making my body slurp and suck his shaft in rapturous satisfaction. His hands would dig into my hips to hold me in place while he dominated the pace of our lovemaking, exactly how he fucked his lover at this very moment.

“Dana, please say something! You’re scaring me!”

A groan of disgust got caught in my throat. I felt a combination of lust and hate for this man that I had loved for twelve years. The two extreme emotions swirled within my stomach, stirring my intestines.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I take my sister’s advice and turn the other cheek, swallow my pride, like I’ve done so many times before?

Til death do we part.

I had gained weight. I’m not the size four I was back in high school. My boobs aren’t as perky and my ass isn’t as tight. After the kids, I blew up to a size fourteen. I was clearly not beautiful to him anymore, nor his type.

Looking away from the sexing pair, if only for a moment, I thought of the lovely memories we made throughout the years.

“That’s it! I’m coming to get you. Wait for me in front of the house, Dana.”

Since middle school, he’d been my dream boy, my star quarter back, my best friend. He was the first boy I ever kissed, the first boy I had sex with, and the only man I ever loved. We knew everything there was to know about one another, shared all of our secrets, or at least I thought we did.

My dear husband…

A single tear left the corner of my eye and ran down my cheek.

I remember the first time he went down on me. It felt like a bolt of lightning from heavens had stormed through my body. He was nasty and I loved it. The man didn’t leave one crevice of my pussy untouched with his tongue and mouth. I became addicted to him and the pleasure he gave. He brought things out of me that I didn’t know was there. From licking his rear end to sucking on some strange woman’s clit during a party, I was his personal little freak, and I did anything to please him.

Til death do we part.

Perhaps that was my mistake. I should’ve drawn the line somewhere, or at least learned to love myself before giving all my love to him. Now I realize I was just a tool to him, an android doing his sexual bidding.

Twelve fucking years.

I’d given him everything, even three beautiful children. I’d given up dreams, just to be with him, my beautiful husband. Why wasn’t that enough to be faithful to me?

I dropped the phone into my handbag and noticed the maroon pouch next to it. I had totally forgotten that was there. Randy had given it to me a month ago for protection, after I was robbed at gunpoint. Violence had risen in our area. The recession.

I retrieved the pouch and casually extracted the pistol. It fit perfectly in my small hand. I stared at it and unlocked the safety. Oddly, my hands were steady, not shaky like they should’ve been.

Something had changed within me.

All the women he’d crept around with, and all the times I pretended to be oblivious to the fact that my husband no longer loved me boiled down to this moment. A woman could only take so much.

With the edge of the barrel pressed to my temple, I slid my finger over the trigger.

Til’ death do we part.

“Dana!” Randy stumbled back, his naked cock glistening in sexual fluids. “What are you…?”

Before he could utter another word, I whipped the gun toward him and my brother, then pulled the trigger.

Pop! Pop… Pop! Like firecrackers, the gun sounded off.

In slow motion, they slumped to the floor. Without an ounce of regret about what I’d just done, I watch them fall. It was strange. I didn’t feel the pain strangling my heart anymore, or the rumble in my stomach that made me want to vomit. As a matter of fact, I felt nothing.

I was numb.

Still holding my gun tight, I slowly approached the bodies. Two shots straight through his head and my brother no longer enjoyed the pleasure of my husband’s cock.

Hanging onto his last strands of life, Randy reached out for me. Blood spewed out of his mouth on a strangled cough. “Dana,” he strained out. “I love you.”

Those words took me back to our high school prom, where he confessed his deep feelings to me, where he promised to marry and love me, only me, for all time. My dear husband…

I smiled, swiped the tear from my cheek and pointed the barrel of the gun at his head. “I know. And I love you to my darling, ‘til death do we part.”



Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2010



One Reply to “‘Til Death Do We Part”

  1. I replied on FB but I’ll comment here as well. Oh My Fucking Goodness!!

    That was…that was. Shit. Emotionally draining is what that was. and OMG surprising.

    Well freaking done.

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