Sex With My Hat On

Happy Hump Day ladies! Time for this week’s hottie. I usually post these on my FB page, but I decided to post them on my blog. That way, I can tell you in great detail how the photo entices me. I promise to behave myself though. ;o)

I call this one Sex with my hat on. I think it’s an appropriate title, don’t you?

I love black and white photos, mainly because certain aspects of the image stand out. Like the snaking veins in his arms, the definition of his chest and abs, the sexy dip that leads to his goodies… and those lips… My goodness, it looks like he can do some special things with those lips. MUAH! Of course I’m sure those physical attributes wouldn’t be dulled in a color photo. The man is too gorgeous for anything not to stand out. Needless to say, I like everything about this image, especially the way the fedora is dipped over one eye and the gleam in his gaze. Hawt! This man could lead me into the fires of lust without speaking a word. It looks like he has a secret, a secret you’re dying to know.
Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you, fellas. I’ll have a sexy pic for you next week. ;o)

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