It’s hump day again and time for the hottie of the week. Hm-mm… This one is for the fellas. I usually just look at the pic and admire the beauty of it then share it with my thoughts, but this one inspired me to do more. Check this out fellas…

Imagine walking into your bedroom and this chick is in your bed. Let’s see…we’ll call her Amber. 🙂

In shock, you gasp and stare, not sure what to do or say.

Spreading her legs, Amber looks you dead in your eyes and says this…

I’ve been a good girl and even better friend to you, but I think I’ve played the friend role long enough. Don’t you? There’s no way to hide it, or pretend any more. I want to fuck you. You may be afraid to admit it, but I know you want to fuck me too. So here I am. What are you waiting for? Make me your sex slave.

Everything your woman won’t do, I will. I’ll bathe your ass with my tongue and swallow your balls. I’ll deep throat every bit of you and devour you when you come. You wanna slide all off in my ass? Don’t hesitate, baby. Turn me over and get it. I’ll take as much as you can give, maybe more.

It’s your choice gorgeous, either climb on top of me, or kick me out of your bed.

Oh, and if your wife should walk in on us while we’re deep in the moment. Don’t fret. I’ll simply fuck her too.

*grin* Okay, that’s my sexy wickedness for the day. Until next time…