You never know who’s watching you

Happy Hump day friends! I have another hottie for the ladies to swoon over . Actually I have three. Mmm, hot bods. 😉

C’mon don’t be jealous fellas. I’ll hook ya’ll up next week. If you’re still sour, take a gander at the post from last week. ;o)

I’ve found since moving to ATL that dudes here are mad bold. If they want you, they don’t hesitate to let you know. No matter your situation. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes bold can be sexy. And then again, it can come off as overbearing.

But not in this case…

Last month at the gym I had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful, mouth-watering Asian hottie who confessed that he watches me while I work out. He also brazenly expressed his attraction to me. *blush* (Mm, bless his sexy heart) I was both flattered and shocked, but of course, humbly declined his offer to go back to his place and rumple his sheets. *grin* Don’t look at me like that, I did decline!

You know ladies, when we’re working out hard, sweating and breathing heavily, in our snug little workout gear, you never know who’s watching you, whos’ imagining you naked, who has mentally sexed in every corner of the gym from the moment you stepped out of the locker room. We have to keep that in mind when we got our spandex covered booties swaying in the air, working the machine like it owes us money. ^_^

Anywho, today I chose some images that reminds me of my new extra sexy admirer. I dedicate this poem to all the fellas who enjoy watching us women go hard at the gym.

What you don’t know is I’ve been watching you for a while

When you’re not in sight I search for you, wishing I had a number to dial

The way your voluptuous body sways and glides, stretches and rides

It seduces me, hardens me as my need grows and my inhibition dies

Slow then fast, fast then slow

Damn girl, you do it to me and you don’t even know

I shouldn’t want you this bad; I shouldn’t even be staring at you this hard

You’ve turned me into a stalker, spying on you, mentally fucking you from afar

I already imagined you bent over as I pull your hair and take you from behind

The thought strains my groin; can’t look away; you tangle my mind

You say you’re married; I knew it, I knew you couldn’t be single

Even knowing your situation I’m not fazed in the slightest and I’m still ready to mingle

I can’t help but hope and wish one day you’ll give in

To lay your body on me, taste my tongue and lick my skin

Until then, I’ll continue to watch you drive yourself to exhaustion

Waiting for the day you straddle me and we ride each other to completion

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2011

Thanks for reading! ;o)

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