Happy Hump Day friends!

Today, I have a little something for the fellas. I found a poem that fits perfectly, in my opinion, with the images I have chosen. This is one of my tamer poems. *giggle* I’ll be sure to give you something nasty next time guys. 😉

I have great respect for women who love themselves and bask in self-confidence. It’s too many women out there who look for reasons to criticize themselves, and pick at their imperfections because they don’t fit the mold of beauty that society has built. I have to say something, and I’m pretty sure most men would agree with me.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, sexier than a woman who carries herself with pride and confidence. Holla!

Okay, enough of my chatter. Onto the juicy pics. 😉

I gaze at myself because I like what I see

My full lips, my exotic eyes, my thick frame… damn I’m sexy

Naw baby, don’t call it arrogance, it’s simply self-love

It’s this open love for myself that got you thinking of

All the naughty things you could do to me if only you could get close

To hold me, to feel me, to breathe in the scent of my blossoming rose

You like to see me gaze at myself because it makes you hot

Don’t deny it, I see the way you’re looking at me and caressing your crotch

Isn’t it lovely, my bold curves, my wicked swagger, my smooth skin tone

I am all woman, compelling, beautiful and fierce, to desire me is not wrong

I could stand here admiring my beauty and teasing you all day

Don’t let that discourage you, keep your eyes on me, and never look away

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2011


Thanks for reading! MUAH!