Renee’s Journey into Blood & Sex

Happy Hump Day friends!

I know this is the day where I tantalize your naughty desires with sexy pics and words of seduction, but for today, we’re going to do something a little different. Everybody on board with that?

Oh c’mon now, don’t be like that. It’ll be fun, I promise. 😀

Today my best chica, Renee Michaels will be taking over my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love to bring out the inner freak in all of you and look forward to it each week, but the novel she just released has to be put on blast because it’s an amazing read and sexy as all get out. She’s super excited to share it with you.

Don’t be shy. Leave her a comment and show her some love. Hugs to you all!

Renee Michaels’ Journey into Blood and Sex

Inspiration can come from anywhere. A word, an off-hand comment, or in the case of my latest release, BLOOD AND SEX, a submission call can plant an idea in my head and I will run with it.

The request was for a very short story about lesbian vampires. The idea sparked my interest and I really wanted to create a story with this premise.

Now, I had never written an F/F piece and I was a little bit daunted. I tend to be a little long winded. But, if I couldn’t stretch or restrain myself from falling into my old habits, there was no point in perusing this mad journey I’ve embarked on.

Of course, it had to be sexy. Got that down pat, or so I would like to think. I usually like my characters’ encounters to start out sensual, and then veer into the erotic. However, this story had a word limit and I had to turn up the heat very fast.

Writing this tale forced me to choose my words very carefully. I had to make every one count. It became an exercise for me, a frustrating and satisfying exercise. It helped me hone my skills a little more. I let go of superfluous words and ideas. I’d like to think I’ll take what I learned and use it for future works. The result of all the frustration and hair pulling was Blood and Sex, just released by Secret Craving Publishing. It’s a spicy love affair between two very strong women.

A male vamp attacks Mia, my main character. She has to get the toxins coursing through her blood removed by another vamp. She has a ritual to perform and she can’t carry the taint of a vampire’s bite. To accomplish this, she must provide blood and sex, but there is a catch. She has to technically, remain a virgin. She seeks out Ryssa, and sparks fly. I’ve created a new society of vamps, which I hope will lead into a new series. I really love the characters in this short and I’m dying to play with them again.

Writing is a wonderful obsession for me. It’s hard work but when a story comes together, the satisfaction is indescribable.

To every writer out there, all the best to you and yours for the season. I wish you many ideas and sales in your Christmas stockings.

Here’s a small sample of Blood and Sex:

Ryssa found the simple unconscious action as provocative as a blatant invitation. Blood and sex kept the bloodlust at bay until she found a life partner who’d quench her raging needs with the purity of love. In the meantime, she’d have to slake her lusts on the willing and the needy.

Leaning forward, she laved at the damp spot Mia had just licked. Sweetness flooded Ryssa’s taste buds. She couldn’t remember how long since anything but the metallic taste of blood aroused her. Greedy to savor the long-denied flavors, she dipped her tongue into Mia’s mouth. She needed to lay herself open to everything Ryssa offered and demanded for the cleansing to work.

Pick up your copy at Secret Cravings Publishing!

I would like to express my gratitude to Yvonne for having me on her blog. Her constant support has been invaluable, even though she kicks my behind on occasion for slacking off.

Thank you again. 

Your frisky erotic author, Renee Michaels. ;o)

You can find Renee and more of her delicious novels at

And if you’re a Facebook junkie like me, you can find her here Renee Michaels’ Facebook Page

Thanks for reading!

Oh and don’t forget about the huge Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop contest, starting Friday, December 16th. Stay tuned to win.

10 Replies to “Renee’s Journey into Blood & Sex”

  1. Renee, I’m reading about your journey for Blood & Sex and I totally get where you’ve coming from. I started to write a short story based on a picture prompt and it grew from a 5K word short to a 12K word novelette, now it’s sitting at a 40K word novella and I’ve still got 3 scenes to write. Based on your except, it certainly seems that the journey has taught you some lessons that you’ve learned well. The heat in your prose jumps off the screen. I knew right away if Yvonne said you were hot, that meant you were smoking, as usual Ms. Yvonne always satisfies.

    The premise of your story is intriguing and my mind is running wild thinking about all the different scenarios. Obviously, now I’ve got to buy the book to see how much we think alike. ((( Hugs )))

    1. Benjamim– thank you, it is a struggle but with support from old friends like Yvonne, and new friends like you. I will get there. Finally, my naugthy mind has been put to good you. Hope you will enjoy my story..Renee

  2. Hi Renee,
    Congrats on all your accomplishments! I’ve never written a short story, but I admire those who do, and you know your one of my favorite authors. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Tabs. Tabitha Shay is one fabulous lady and a hot writer, she gave me some excellent pointers when I first stared out. I can always drop in for advice..she is that generous. Renee

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