Naked, and wanting

Whoohoo! Hump day Wednesday, one of my favorite days of the week. 😉

Once again I’ve come to gift you with seductive images and tantalizing words. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

Naked, and wanting…

I amble down the hallway on silent steps, following the delicious scent left in your wake.

You’re startled when you see me standing in the doorway. Our eyes meet. Fear is washed away by lust.

Droplets of water cling to your muscled frame, and slide down your defined contours, making my mouth water. Now I’m jealous.

I saunter toward you, enthralled by your body. More so the juicy limb hanging heavily between your thighs. It rises the closer I get, and points me out.

Bold and ready.

Heat flushes my lady parts. No longer can I drag this out and torture you with desire. I need to have you now.

The space between us disappears. Skin to skin, my body melts into yours. Our lips connect.

There’s no resistance when my thighs hug your hips and my body swallows your manhood. Because you already know you belonged to me.


You clutch onto my backside for dear life, digging your fingers into my flesh. I ground my crotch against yours, fusing us together, panting as your shaft brutally stabs my womb.

Pleasure is pain, and pain is utter pleasure. Yet still, I want more.

Your quickened heartbeat and jutting hips sets the pace. Up and down. Grinding and winding. Faster and faster, we ride each other in an erotic dance.

Heavy pants turn to whimpers, and whimpers to moans.

Still, I want…

My mouth finds your neck. I penetrate you as you penetrate me. I’m filled from both ends as a river of life force flows into me.


The rhythm slows. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop.

I take and give, then give and take, until you grow cold and the dance ends.

You fall away and leave me…

Naked, and wanting.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2011

Thanks for reading!

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10 Replies to “Naked, and wanting”

  1. Ms Yvonne, I so love your naughty nature and you have a way with words. Hmm, did she have to suck the brother dry, from both ends? “He grows cold and the dance end?” Hot-damn, did my man cum and go at the same time? Oh and she’s left naked and wanting – for what – more blood or more cream?

    This is really hot and it reminds me of why I stay away from women with really sharp teeth – for a lot reasons.

    1. *grin* She’s a horny vamp. She couldn’t help but drain him dry, from both ends. And even after she’s taken everything, she wants more. Insatiable. 😉
      Thanks for swinging by, Benji. It’s always a pleasure to have you in my spot.

  2. This was great Yvonne. I just feel bad for the dude. Did he at least get to finish before he died? Hopefully, he at least died happy 😛

    Very Sexy, woman.

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