Flash Fiction Friday #7 ~ Two Lovers

It’s the Friday before Christmas and I’m feeling ridiculously high on life! I’m always like this during the holidays.

What can I say, I’m a Christmas baby. ^_^

Now onto the flashing…

I’ve written a flash fiction from the image below, which was chosen by one of my FFF comrades. Exactly 100 words, no more, no less.

(This image was chosen by Luna Ella Aldora)

Flash Fiction Friday #7 ~ Two Lovers

From the restaurant window, Roberto watched Karen dash out into the falling snow and throw herself into her husband’s arms.

Roberto clutched his growing crotch and licked his lips. The taste of Karen’s sweet pussy lingered on his tongue. Making love to her was pure bliss, and always left him wanting more, but sexing her gorgeous husband was mind-blowing.

What bothered Roberto was neither one knew he was fucking the other. A secret lover.

Tonight, he would unveil their love affair and have them both as he should, to truly satisfy his desires.

He grinned devilishly. “Merry Christmas to me.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2011

Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 

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Today is the last day of the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop Contest! Enter now for a chance to win! Tomorrow I will choose and announce the winning contestant. 🙂

33 Replies to “Flash Fiction Friday #7 ~ Two Lovers”

  1. Hot-damn Yvonne, you’re killing me with these sexy stories. A MFM menage and the two men are Bi, oh yeah. Now that will be quite a Xmas present for all three of them. Girlfriend, you rock and I totally love your wicked imagination.

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