Blinded Pleasure

Happy Hump Day friends! 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did! And my birthday…wowsers! I had so much love passed my way, it brought tears to my eyes. Man, I have the greatest set of friends on the planet.

Though we’re in the midst of the holidays, I’m still hard at work and writing up a storm. In between my projects, you know I like to write a little something each week to get the juices flowing. *grin* 😉

Every now and then, I come across a photo that inspires a story. I wrote this scene from an image I got from my amazing supportive friend, Benjamin Russell. Thanks for finding this pic Benji!

One of my favorite characters from The Dragon Queen Series is the sexy Priestess Indigo. Because she’s a wicked little thing who loves to torment her sex slaves, I enjoy writing about her.

Enjoy the read folks, and be sure to leave a comment at the end of the story.


Blinded Pleasure

“Mistress, are you there? I need to feel you. Please…” I whined.


Darkness covered my eyes and unseen hands tightened the restraints on my wrists, drawing them to the base of my back.

Yearning for Mistress Indigo’s touch, I trembled and whimpered.

How long had I been bound? It seemed like hours had passed. Hours I had been tied here, without and physical contact, forced to listen to the sexual symphony surrounding me.

Moans and cries mingled with the raw scent of sex. Flesh smacked flesh. Mouths slurped on body parts. The juicy sound of wet pussies consuming thick shafts reverberated off the concrete walls.

I tried to block it out, but couldn’t.

I rolled onto my back. My weight pressed onto my bound hands. I splayed my legs and jutted my hips in the air, hoping she would climb between my thighs and suck on my aching clit. But no. Nothing but hot, sex laced air filled my void.

I wanted to fucking scream. If I did, she would only extend my punishment. I could hear her wickedly sexy chortle and feel her enjoyment in my suffering.

Wanna fuck, Jezebel?” Her soft voice sailed across my mind, awakening the image of her wet pussy hovering over my face. 

“Yes, please, Mistress…” I extended my tongue, desperately needing to taste her, seeking the slightest physical contact, but was once again tortured by emptiness. “I won’t do it anymore. I promise. I beg your forgiveness, please!”

She pushed out a heavy sigh. “I suppose I could grant you a little reprieve. Tariq, calm her suffering,” Mistress Indigo ordered someone in the room. “But do not release her just yet.”

“As you wish,” a deep, baritone voice answered.

The bed depressed as a hard, cool body eased up behind me.

I smelled her on him. Her scent layered him like a second skin. He’d fucked her, my mistress.

This fact only made me hornier.

“Jezebel, oh Jezebel,” he crooned, melding his body to mine. Teasing fingers grazed across my belly. “Your blood smells so sweet when you need release.”

Engulfed by need, I undulated and writhed, grounding my ass against his super-sized cock. “Fuck me, please.”

“In due time, my dear.”

Inches shy of my slit, he played along my abdomen with soft, tantalizing caresses. Tremors rushed through me. At a leisure pace, his hand journeyed lower… and lower.

My thighs shook and my breath came out in shaky pants.

I felt her eyes on me, watching in anticipation.

“Tell me what she’s doing,” I whispered to the vampire, who continued to skillfully heighten my arousal. “It’s killing me not to see her.”

His hand dove beneath my panties and his fingers slid between my folds to glide over my peak. My bra was pulled down to expose a breast.

“She’s right next to the bed. Her eyes are fixed on you.”

His breath fluttered over my hardened nipple before his tongue took a swipe at it. I gasped and my back arched.

“She’s sitting in a red velvet chair, with a leg looped over the arm rest and her fingers buried deep within her slick sheath, like this…”

The bonds around my neck and wrists were yanked back as three long fingers plunged into me. I let out a strangled howl. He drove into me over and over again, quickening his pace with each thrust. My body shook and my hips rolled.

I could hear her moaning with me, urging him to go faster.

For a second my mind went blank and my body went still. A flood of pleasure washed through my straining frame. I cried out and so did she.

He extracted his fingers and nuzzled my neck. His middle finger circled my clit, prolonging the aftermath spiraling through me. It was a sweet release, but hardly enough to satisfy me.

A hand fisted my hair and a pair of familiar lips pressed into mine. “Have we learned our lesson, Jezebel?”

“Yes Mistress,” I breathed out in a rush.

“Good. But be warned, the next time I send you to the store and you return with regular vanilla ice cream when I specifically asked for Chunky Monkey, your punishment will be much worse than this.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2011

Thanks for reading! 😀


14 Replies to “Blinded Pleasure”

  1. Ooooh, I’d lick his fingers to get a taste of Jez and Indigo. Mistress is super bad and when she wants what she wants when she wants it – not some damn substitute. Hot-damn Yvonne, reading this had me about to burst out of my jeans. Such sweet torture in the midst of a wild orgy – I love it. Now, I need a cold shower.

  2. That was hot…Benjamin Russell and youhave similar writing styles…Now I want to go get the wrong flavor of ice cream…that was hot but I want to see what Mistress will do next….an enjoyable read…:D

  3. Yummy! And just why isn’t that ice cream being used in this tantalizing torture, oh naughty Yvonne? 😉 Loved it! Perfect coupling with the image. Benjamin sure knows how to find them and you sure know how to twist them. *laughs*

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