Review: A Different Breed by Angel Martinez

Josh hunts vampires with relentless, cold precision until the night he confronts a gorgeous hunk of vamp in the woods outside Ithaca. Richard destroys all of Josh’s prejudices about vampires in the first few moments of conversation, and the sexual sparks between them ignite almost as quickly. Richard offers the stability Josh never had, while Josh offers the healing Richard needs so desperately. But it’s nearly impossible just to walk away from a life of violence. An attack one evening leaves a friend in the hospital, Richard with a bullet through his chest, muttering about strange creatures, and Josh fighting to piece together what really happened. Are Richard’s nightmare attackers real, or is Josh’s favorite vamp losing his mind? Is there a reasonable explanation or has the hunter now become prey?

I had the privilege of critiquing this novel and while reading through it, there were many times I had to remind myself I was supposed to be critiquing it. I was too anxious to find out what happened next.

Mrs. Martinez happens to be a friend of mind and also an exceptional writer.

The hero Josh, a vampire hunter, was my type of guy. Outspoken, harsh with his words and sometimes a little boorish, but lovable all the same. While out hunting one night, he targeted his prey, but wasn’t prepared to fall in love with him.

Richard, an 18th century vampire nobleman and soldier, was captivating right from the start. It was easy to see why Josh fell head over heels for him, because I did too. His verbiage and cool demeanor made him the perfect catch, but his monstrous past threatened to shatter all of that.

There’s a lot more to this story that I’m not willing to tell you. You’ll just have to buy the book. The tale spun will take you on a journey that will make it difficult to put the book down. If you love m/m romance with dose of paranormal, you’ll absolutely love this book. Like I did. *grin*

Brava, Mrs. Martinez! I look forward to more mesmerizing tales from you.

I give A Different Breed 5 dragon hearts:



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