Review: The Ghost Toucher by Gerald Rice

In a world where ghosts are an accepted reality, Stout Roost, reality star and host of the Network’s The Ghost Toucher reality series has vanished. But Israel, the spiritual detective they hire, doesn’t exactly have a plan to find him. Kelly Greene, a customer service rep, is tapped to assist the detective, but he quickly realizes that as far as unconventional methods go, Israel’s are insane. He informs Kelly there is an afterworld and it was already populated by pesty ghosts. They also hate humans because they eventually become ghosts and are seeking a ‘clean’ way to exterminate us all. The two learn finding Stout is the least of their worries as they are pursued through metro-Detroit by obsessive compulsive wannabe warriors, mutants who worship an insane deity, weapons from the other side and a mysterious, perpetually pregnant, augmentative woman with a gender complex.

This was one insane story! But insane in a good way.

Let’s see, where do I begin…?

This tale takes you on a journey that is sure to leave you horrified and amused at the same time. I found myself laughing out loud at many scenes, most acted out by the bizarre but handsome Israel. There were so many twists and turns in this story that it left my mind whirling by the end. While this one didn’t give me nightmares like the usual horror novel, it had me anxious to find out what happens next.

Now there were some parts that had me a bit confused. Because there is a large cast and many POV changes, certain scenes jarred the flow of the tale. The plot became unclear and the creature terms and world building left me wondering if I missed an important detail somewhere along the way.

However, following the main character, Kelly Greene, was fairly simple and thrilling. There wasn’t a restful moment from the beginning to end of the book. This poor guy couldn’t catch a break to save his life. Creatures were either out to abduct him for the power he unknowingly had or kill him. Israel, who became his partner in crime, added a quirky flair to the quest and made the read very enjoyable.

I have to warn you, this book leaves you hanging and wanting more. Seems to me like there’s going to be a book 2. If so, I can’t wait to read it.

I give The Ghost Toucher 4 dragon hearts:



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