Happy Hump Day folks!!

I hope everyone’s having an awesome week so far. As you can imagine, mine has been pretty busy. Usually, I’d have a juicy story or poem, along with sexy pic for you to set your eyes upon. I write them on Monday, sometimes Tuesday of that week and post it for your viewing pleasure, but this week Wednesday crept up on me like a stealth ninja and caught me and my muse unprepared.

Actually, I tried to get her going last night and she wasn’t having it. I’ve worked her hard the last 2 weeks, and she demanded a day or two off. Can you believe that crap? This trick keeps me up ‘til like 3am some nights and wakes me up from deep, soothing sleep, just to write. And she wants days off? Really?

The nerve…

It’s cool though, because I got a m/m/f story finished and out to the publisher. Yey! And let me tell you, this story is hawt, hawt, hawt. Compared to the erotic tales I serve you on a weekly basis, this upcoming story is off the effin’ charts. Hm, yeah, it’s dirty and nasty, just the way you like it. *giggle* I can’t wait to drop some teasers for you.

Now even though, I don’t have story prepared that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you with nothing. C’mon now, you know me better than that. It’s Hump Day baby, I wouldn’t just leave you hanging. 😉

I scored this pic from one of the secret FB groups I’m in.

Show of hands… How many of ya’ll have been caught in this position?

I’m not talking about, the regular wall sex, where you wrap your legs around his waist and he holds your butt to keep you hoisted up. Naw, in that position you actually have a little control. You can change, or rule the pace if you want to because you have him embraced with your legs.

However, in the pic above, the woman has no control and she couldn’t gain it even if she tried. That’s what I love about this image. Ladies, our power and driving force resides in our abdomen, hips and thighs. If we can get those legs around him, and you bear down… it’s a wrap. It becomes a delicious battle of dominance.

But if he gets you in this position where he has you pinned against the wall and your legs in a stronghold, you have no choice but to submit and take the sex anyway he serves it. Fast, or slow…he’s in control.

Sometimes that’s not a bad thing, ay ladies. 😉 A man strong enough to lock you against the wall like this is worthy to submit to.

Tell me, have you ever let him pin you to the wall?

Happy Hump Day!

Next week, I’ll post another sexy story inspired by art. Stay tuned, and thanks for dropping by. xo