Inspired by Art #3 ~ Twisted Pleasures

Oh yeah baby, it’s hump day again!

I have written another saucy flash tale inspired by art.

Today’s featured art was created by Olivia De Berardinis, the woman who introduced me to erotic art. My very first pinup book was by Olivia, Let Them Eat Cheesecake.

I remember it like yesterday. I saw it on the shelf at Fairvilla Megastore, and just had to have it. Olivia has the ability to bring out the bare beauty of a woman’s physique, and she does it brilliantly. Take a gander and I’m sure you’ll agree.

🙂 Now on to the story.

Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment. 😉

Twisted Pleasures

She always left him needing more, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Anxiously, he sat awaiting her arrival. Thick leather straps kept his wrists bound to the back of the chair.

“Gloria,” he called out. He tried to suppress the neediness in his voice, but failed. His chest heaved as his breathing quickened.

Again, he glanced up at the wall clock. The eleven minutes he’d been waiting felt like an hour. Her method to torture him filled his gut with flutters of excitement and his erection grew as a result.

What will you do this time, my sassy Gloria?

When it seemed like his patience would snap like a twig, she strutted into the room. His spare shirt and tie, and a pair of thigh-high leather boots was her attire.

He grinned. “Very nice.”

With a spark of raw lust gleaming from her dark brown eyes, she sauntered toward him, rocking her hips to a rhythm only she could hear. Fitting loosely over her frame, the shirt shifted around her body with her approach, giving teasing glimpses of her crease.

In pure anticipation, he watched. His sac tightened and his main muscle swelled to its full girth.

Starting at the top, she unbuttoned the shirt. She took her sweet time with the task. Finally, the last button was pushed through the slit. The shirt fell open to expose her sun-kissed body.

His eyes roamed over her full breasts and traveled down her belly to the amber strip of hair on her mons.

Eager for what she had in store, he licked his lips.

Moving closer, she undulated with each step. Her seductive swagger had him so mesmerized he started to hear the music that compelled her movements.

Tonight I’m gonna dance for you, oh-oh… tonight I’m gonna put my body on your body… boy I like it when you watch me, ah…

Beyoncé’s soulful coo whispered in his ears.

A few feet shy of where he sat bound to the chair, Gloria danced before him. Her hands slid over her breasts, down her body and played along the cleft of her thighs.

The need to touch her had him panting. “Alrighty, that’ll do it, Gloria.” He jerked against the restraints. She had him tied down pretty tight. Tighter than usual. “Let me go, please.”

She whirled around, giving him her backside to gaze upon.

The achy tug in his groin increased when she spread her long legs and slowly bent over to touch her toes. “Ho-ly Cow,” he gasped. “Okay, you… you hafta release me now.”

She reached between her thighs to spread her nether lips. Her engorged bud and moist opening stared back at him, making his mouth water.

To torture him further, she speared two fingers into her recess. They disappeared and then reappeared, coated in her juices. She began to plunged her pussy in a slow taunting pace, serenading him with her soft moans.

His hips bucked forward and the chair squeaked. These blasted restraints…!

“If you don’t let me go right now, you’re so fired!” he shouted, half serious.

Grinning impishly, Gloria looked back at him. “We’ve been through this before, sir. If you don’t say it right, I can’t stop.” She extracted her fingers and stroked her clit. Her creamy nectar seeped down her inner thighs.

“I need to go home and fuck my wife, now!”

“Of course, sir,” she chortled. She straightened up and licked her fingers, then eased behind the chair to loosen the binds.

With his rock hard cock tenting his pants, he leaped from the chair and grabbed his briefcase. He dared not cast a glance in his secretary’s direction. “You call and tell the wifey I’m coming in locked and loaded. Ten minutes. And she better be ready!”

“As you wish, sir. Drive safely.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

*grin* And you wonder why he comes home horny out of his mind. 😉

Thanks for reading!

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