My Funny Valentine

For you lovers out there getting ready to celebrate a week of love, I present to you a new excerpt from the bestselling novel, Designing Love.

My Funny Valentine

The lights lowered and the band switched to a slow groove. My Funny Valentine.

Without a word, Devon took her empty flute, set it on a server’s tray, relieved her of her purse, and slipped it into his pocket. He walked backward into the middle of the crowd, holding her hands, smoothly coaxing her out onto the dance floor.

Snuggling couples around them blurred as the jazzy tune set a sensual melody to a romantic ambience.

His eyes put her in a trance as he drew her close. He pressed his body against her and hugged her waist. Sighing, she eased her hands up his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck. His cheek rested against her temple and they swayed to the hypnotic rhythm. He softly sung the words of the song to her. She stifled a girlish giggle.

He was an excellent dancer. He spun, dipped, and wooed her, completely taking her breath away.

As she snuggled up against him, she gazed hazily at the sea of gliding bodies caught in the rapture of the music.

Love was in the air.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful, love-filled Valentine’s Day! xo 😀

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