Flash Fiction Friday #15 ~ Payback

Wow, the weeks are flying by so fast, I can hardly catch up. But, no matter how far behind I get I can’t miss out on a chance to flash you. 😉

I’ve written a flash fiction from the image below, which was chosen by one of my FFF comrades. Exactly 100 words, no more, no less.

(This image was chosen by Naomi Shaw)


Flash Fiction Friday #15 ~ Payback

Clenching his teeth, Carl glared at them. It took everything in him to suppress the anger building within.

Shannon was so engrossed in James, she hadn’t noticed Carl next to her.

But James did.

Grinning at Carl over her shoulder, James whispered something in her ear.

She giggled and Carl’s self-control snapped. “So this is how you get back at me for banging your boyfriend? Flirt with my woman?”

Eyes bulged, Shannon turned to stare at him. “Carl, James is my cousin.”

James snickered then mouthed, “Busted asshole.”

“And what do you mean you banged his boyfriend?”

Yeah, totally busted.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Well, that’s one way to let the cat out of the bag. LOL!

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to swing by my FFF friends’ blog spots and check out their spicy flash tales. https://yvonnenicolas.wordpress.com/flash-fiction-friday-crew/

12 Replies to “Flash Fiction Friday #15 ~ Payback”

  1. Oh Yeah, Carl is totally busted. Now, let me get one a pencil and paper, so I can try to keep the players straight. 1.) Carl is banging James 2.) Carl is banging Shannon and last but not least 3.) Carl is banging James’ boyfriend.

    Hot-damn, Carl is getting more sex than the law allows. I wonder if he got one of those seven day sex-pills from HER?

    Excellent – you rock my friend.

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