Six Sentence Sunday #3

Happy Sunday folks!

This is the start of another beautiful week. I recently signed a contract for one of my novels and I’m steady burning up the keyboard working on more juicy tales for your eager eyes. 😀

Today I’m joining the SSS crew with a post from the gothic horror SHADOWS & DUST

In this scene, a large demon creeps up on the heroine and attempts to devour her.

Six Sentence Sunday #3

“Mmm, I thought I smelled a Huntress,” the demon hissed.

Havoc spun around and simultaneously dodged to the left. A large scaly hand, chains dangling from its wrists, took a lightning fast swipe at her. She flipped back in an attempt to avoid the other swinging limb and fell against the dresser. The room was too small to flee.

“Dangit demon, I don’t have time to tango with you!”

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

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