Tie You Down

Let’s do something different. You up for it? Good.

Today, I feel like a dominatrix. I want to subjugate you. I’ve donned my leather corset and fishnet thigh highs. My leather wrapped whip is in my right hand and my binding rope is in my left hand.

Call me Mistress Yvonne. 😉

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy. Sit your sexy ass down and let’s have some fun.

Imagine me tying you down and pulling the rope tight until it’s biting into your skin. If you show any signs of pain, I’ll pull it tighter.

Now, I’ll blindfold you. No peeking.

I want to leave you vulnerable.

I drag the whip across your bare chest as I circle you. You anticipate feeling it lash at your flesh, but what you expect never happens. My hand grabs your cock and the leather rod wraps around your neck, slowly restricting your airflow.

I tug the whip tighter as I repeatedly stroke you from base to tip. Then when you’re desperately gasping for air, I’ll release the whip.

After you fill your starved lungs with air, whisper my name.

Next, I drag my tongue across your nipple, flick it and taste it. While I pinch your other nipple, I’ll catch it between my teeth and nibble. Hard, then gentle. Gentle, then hard. I want you panting. I want you needy.

Say my name… I won’t continue unless you do.

Now I’ll stand back and watch you. You hear that sound? That wet juicy sound? Yes, that’s my hungry pussy kissing my finger as I plunge deep into my valley. I’ll finger myself until my nectar is free flowing then rub it across your lips.

That’s right, suck it all off. You like the way I taste. Good. I can hardly wait to taste you back.

I won’t take you in my mouth right away. I want you screaming for it. I’ll lower between your legs. I’ll nibble and lick on the tender spots along your inner thighs as I make my way toward your sac.

But I don’t rush. I take it slow. The harder your heart pounds and the heavier you breathe, I move even slower.

If you say anything other than my name, I’ll stop.

My tongue dances over your balls before I pull one into my mouth. Slowly. Tortuous. Going from one to the other, I suck and lick, and suck, and suck and lick…until your hips are levitating.

You want your cock in my mouth? Do you really, really want it?

I wrap my hand around the base. You feel my breath flutter over the crown…then I’ll step away.

My muse is calling, so I have some writing to do.

 If you’re a good boy, I’ll come back and finish what I started.


9 Replies to “Tie You Down”

  1. Oh my, what a Mistress you are Mistress Yvonne. No bad behaviour around you! An amazing post that had me mesmerised. I was hanging on every word to find out what the next command would be. And you leave me hanging … You are definitely in control here

  2. A thin sheen of sweat covers my body and prickly heat has erupted wherever she touched me. The image of her in leather corset and fishnet thigh highs warms my mind. Gawd – I want her so bad, but dare I say her name? She already owns my body, but to say her name aloud, will give her power over of my heart and my soul.

    My body feels like burning embers of lust are simmering under the surface of my flesh. She has created a sweltering inferno of hot and cold inside me and I can still feel her sinful breath as it slithered over my skin. I’m finding it hard to breathe, my lungs are gasping for oxygen and lust floods my veins. Her sexual energy crackles in the room and I want it, No – I need it.

    I swallow it the way a drowning man sucks down water – this lecherous life force of hers that permeates the air with a miasma of desire. I don’t want to, but I can’t help it, she is a force of nature and stronger than me – for now. I pull it down deep into my core, into my pelvis, my groin, the center of my being. It feeds me in ways that neither food nor drink ever could. It energizes me, makes me feel huge, massive, strong, alive, bursting with passion and a hunger for more.

    Her power floods the room and I greedily internalize all that sexual energy from my tormentor. She is the source of my darkest desires and the fuel that nourishes my need. I gulped it down, twirled it around in my core.

    In my mind’s eye, I watch it grow and swell, like a small rock rolling down a snow-covered hill. I add my own magic to it and it picks up speed. What started out as a small kernel of energy, keeps picking up more power along the way until it becomes a massive star of desire and bursts inside me. Lust spreads throughout my whole being and the crouching lion in me becomes turgid, throbbing with the need for release.

    I laugh and then speak softly, my voice barely above a whisper, because I sense she is near. “Mistress Yvonne, come back to me.”

  3. Damn you and Benjamin have me running for a cold shower, hell never mind I am going to empty the freezer and climb in. Hot Diggety that is hot. I need to get me some leather clothes, boots and then learn all those great rope tricks. I know believe I am going to like tying someone down as much as being tied down. Woowee.

  4. Yvonne, I love what you’ve created here and the pics…whew! I need to put ice in my coffee! 🙂

    Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin, your response was as sexy and eloquent as Mistress Yvonne’s!

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