Flash Fiction Friday #16 ~ Water Demon

It’s the last Friday of February.

Let’s end it with a bang. 😀

I’ve written a flash fiction from the image below, which was chosen by one of my FFF comrades. Exactly 100 words, no more, no less.

This week’s flash tale features a creature, both beautiful and deadly, from The Dragon Queen Series.

(This image was chosen by Naomi Shaw)

Flash Fiction Friday #16 ~ Water Demon

Cautiously, Evan inched closer. The foamy tide rolled up and splashed against the large algae covered reef. The women’s body, which he thought he’d imagined, fell from the reef and washed ashore.

“Holy shit, she’s real.” He rushed over to her.

Beautified with colors of blue and green, a lengthy aquatic fin extended from her waist. Carefully as he could, he gathered her up into his arms.

As soon as her body left the water, a pair of lean legs replaced the fish tail.

Suddenly, his brother came running his way, screaming, “Evan, put it back! It’s a water demon.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Moral to the story; you shouldn’t pick up everything you find washed ashore. 😉

Thanks for reading!

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12 Replies to “Flash Fiction Friday #16 ~ Water Demon”

  1. Hmm…a water demon. You got a lot of detail in with so few words. Awesome! I hope Evan’s able to toss her back in before the demon in her comes out. 🙂

  2. Oh Wow. At first I was thinking “little mermaid”, sweet and sexy mermaid. Then you twisted it around right at the last second and it is a Water Demon. Holy Hell Buddy, throw the witch back, quick.

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