Flash Fiction Friday #21 ~ Arrested Passion

Happy Friday friends!

I’ve written a flash fiction from the image below, which was chosen by one of my FFF comrades. Exactly 100 words, no more, no less.

(This image was chosen by Sharita Lira)

Flash Fiction Friday #21 ~ Arrested Passion

As he recited the Miranda rights, his hand lingered between my thighs and his fingers slid over my clit.

Mm, yes.

Boldly, I grinded my moist sex on his hand, displaying how badly I needed to fuck.

While in the backseat of the police car, I splayed my legs wide so he could smell my ripe arousal draining over the seat.

Twenty minutes later, on top of the urine stained cot, he fisted my hair and plunged into my pussy with savage passion.

Soon after, he shuddered and filled me with his hot cum.

Until the next time, Officer Yashiro.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Come get me Mr. Officer! ;o)

Thanks for reading!

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19 Replies to “Flash Fiction Friday #21 ~ Arrested Passion”

  1. Oh Hot-damn, Officer Yashiro clearly believes that the punishment should fit the crime. No doubt she is guilty of some hideous crime and she deserves to be fucked repeatedly. If she gives him any back talk – I suggest he stick his cock down her throat. Hmmm, Ms. Yvonne, this is hot, hot as usual.

  2. My ripe arousal……….? Oh, God, another great FFF that has me wanting more madly. That was excellant. Simply deliciously erotic and forbidden. Peek-a-boo, I want some too:) xo

  3. What’s the chances of me attempting something like this next time I get pulled over? *hangs head* Yeah – that’s what I thought too – lol – this is hot!

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