Great Reads Coming Your Way!

Hello all!!!

I know, I know. I’ve been absent for quite some time, but it’s for a good reason. I have some very entertaining reads coming your way. ^_^

I’m revamping Designing Love, a bestselling erotic romance novel. It’s gonna have a new look and even juicier storyline. ;o)

Due to release in November from MuseItUp Publishing is a seductive holiday tale titled, Christmas Delights. It’s my first m/m/f erotic novel, and I know if you’re fan of that particular genre, you won’t be disappointed. *grin* My computer was on fiyah when I wrote this one. As the release date draws near, I’ll drop some spicy snippets for your reading pleasure.

For those of you who enjoy horror, with a mix of romance; I joined forces with two of the most talented women I know, PJ Schnyder and Stephanie Burke, and wrote a kick ass anthology that’s guaranteed to creep you out and tantalize you simultaneously. Stay tuned.

For the Dragon Queen fans; Book 2 of the series, BLACK RAYNE SCARLET MOON is due to release next month. There will be a chance to win a free copy, along with a poster of the sultry Dragon Queen “Rayne” for one lucky fan, so be on the lookout for the contest.

After learning of her true nature, Sharayna “Rayne” Piers has been plunged into a world of darkness, and stripped of her humanity. Half angel and half demon vampire, she is the mythical Dragon Queen, a birthright she finds difficult to accept. She struggles with the dual side of her psyche, good and evil, and the growing urge to sate her unnatural hunger for human blood.

Lucius, the powerful spawn of Satan has risen from hell and released his demons to scour the earthly realm in search of the Dragon Queen. He’s determined to claim her as his mate and use her blood to overthrow his father, so he can take command of the seven levels of hell. And he will stop at nothing to get her.

As Rayne’s protector, Demetri Bithanos fights to prevent the master demon from claiming his Queen. As her consort, he struggles with his aching need to be loved by her. But the dark lust of her vampiric nature reaches for the creature who desires to use her blood to fulfill his evil ambitions.

Can Demetri destroy Lucius before Rayne embraces the dark forces growing within her?

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