Black Rayne Scarlet Moon (Excerpt ~ 69 reasons to lose yourself)

I’m super excited today! Not because it’s Hump Day and not because it’s closer to Friday. Although that does fill me with excitement in itself. 😀 But those are not the reasons.

Tomorrow Black Rayne Scarlet Moon releases!! The third book in the Dragon Queen series!! And to all the fans of the series, I promise it won’t disappoint.

Since it’s Hump Day, I’m dropping a sexy excerpt, featuring the wild alpha wolf, Maurisio Bithanos. Enjoy!

Black Rayne Scarlet Moon (Excerpt ~ 69 reasons to lose yourself)

Watching him with fiery desire dancing her eyes, Eva shifted aside to allow Celia to climb onto the desk. Celia arched her back and wiggled her perky ass before she rolled onto her back and beckoned Eva with the crook of her finger. Eva straddled her hips and shimmed back along Celia’s torso until her wet snatch hovered directly over her face.

Maurisio’s mouth watered as Celia wrapped arms around Eva’s thighs and pulled her hips down, forcing her knees to slide further apart. Celia’s mouth made contact with Eva’s slit and the feasting began.

Bowing her back, Eva inhaled sharply and pushed out a husky moan as she ground her crotch on her maker’s face. Meanwhile on the other end, Eva pulled Celia’s leg back to give Maurisio an unobstructed view of her crotch.

He slid his chair closer. “Go ‘head, dig in newcomer. I wanna see what you can do with that sexy mouth of yours.”

Eva flipped her hair to one side and dipped her face in Celia’s hot dripping snatch. She sucked ravenously and lapped at her pink bud.

“Slow it down, baby.” Clutching at his stiff cock, Maurisio caressed the back of Celia’s thigh. “Take ya time and eat that pussy with a little finesse.”

Head tilted to the side, Eva’s narrow tongue slid out and flicked at Celia’s peak. Anxious to taste her, Maurisio leaned in, slid two fingers in Celia’s damp hole and ran his tongue up her crease, his cheek pressed against Eva’s. Celia’s hips rose and shuddered. Eva’s tongue clashed with his.

Growling, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Eva yelped. Overcome by hunger, he attacked her mouth and kissed her hard, nipping and sucking on her tongue, relishing the taste of Celia’s tangy juices on her mouth.

All the while, he continued to finger fuck Celia’s tight well, probing and caressing her quivering walls. Celia’s moans rose into husky muffled wails. Her flavorful wine flowed all over his desk.

His flesh burned from the inside out. Damn, if he didn’t bust a nut soon, he was liable to hurt somebody.

Olivia would make him pay for this later, but shit, he couldn’t help himself. There was only so much titillation a man could take.

Maurisio shot out of the chair and stood at the end of the desk. Licking the fluids from his lips, he gazed down at Eva. Slanted and bright gold, her lupine eyes met his. He didn’t have to utter a word. Eva knew exactly what he needed. She quickly unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. His slacks and boxers dropped to his feet and his shaft sprang free.

Eva gasped and shrunk back.

He snickered. The eleven inches of thick pulsating meat connected to his groin pulled this reaction from many women. “Don’t be scared, girl. You better get it, before it gets you,” he jested, amused by the terrified look on her face.

Her small hand curled around the base of him. She gave him a coy glance then took the head into her mouth. Her heated lips slid over the glands along the mushroom dome pulling a grunt out of him.

Right away, it was evident she wasn’t used to dealing with sizable cocks. She was intimidated. Instead of just working his head, which was where he was most sensitive, she tried to take in more dick than her mouth could handle, and gagged as a result.

Shaking his head and chuckling, he slipped his hand beneath her chin and pulled out of her mouth. “Come behind me and take off my shirt. Press those pretty breasts against my back.”

She dismounted her maker’s face, slipped off the desk and eased behind him. After she’d unbuttoned and removed his shirt, he stepped out of his pants and looped his arms around Celia’s long legs. He jerked her forward, sliding her ass to the edge of the desk.

Her lips soiled in Eva’s cum and lids at half-mast, Celia reached down and took hold of his erection while Eva embraced him from behind, her hands stroking and fondling the tense muscles along his torso.

Celia worked the crown of his penis up and down the valley of her sex, in a seesaw motion, until his dome was glistening in her secretions.

He repressed growls. She manipulated him for a few seconds longer than he could handle. She did it to make the entry tolerable for her body. Ha, if she thought this was going to be a painless experience, she was dead wrong. He was about to beat this pussy up.

When she slid his shaft downward again, he slapped her hand away and jutted his hips forward, hard and fast, forcing her recess to expand abruptly around him. Her throaty scream echoed through the office. He was about to move into a bout of merciless thrusts when his senses spiked and the presence of an intruder shattered the erotic moment.

“The fuck?” Clutching onto Celia’s thighs, Maurisio snapped his head up.

Through the other aromas floating around him, he pinpointed the location of the badged asshole heading toward his establishment. Detective Vincent Kayman.

“I knew it, I just knew this mothafucka was going to do this,” he growled. His nerves clenched and his fingers bit into Celia’s flesh. A shadow moved into the room, cast from the dark clouds engulfing the sun.

Don’t shift. Don’t shift! Don’t! Shift!!

“What’s wrong?” Celia sat up with a start and grabbed at his wrists.

He lifted Celia from the desk, smashed her back into the nearby wall and commenced to pounding her sweet little pussy. He muffled her cries with his hand over her mouth, needing to release the animalistic passion currently digging at his gut, and at the same time, keep track of the detective’s approach. He was getting close.

If he didn’t get this nut off soon, he was bound to kill that man.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Oh yes, that Maurisio is a real wild one. 😉

Don’t miss out on the action. Score your copy of Black Rayne Scarlet Moon!

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  1. You are an amazing author with a wonderful gift for storytelling and a vivid imagination so glad you let us take this journery with you I can’t wait to get it on my Kindle.

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