Blue Light Seduction

Blue Light Seduction

I’m already enthralled, completely captivated by you

Stripped beneath you, unable to breathe without you

Drown me in your passion, for it is my only desire

Stroke my masculinity, rouse my fire

Squeeze me tighter, swallow all of me

My vision is blurred, only you I can see

My hips rise, drawn upwards by your body’s suction

Immersed in the blue light of your seduction…

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

5 Replies to “Blue Light Seduction”

  1. “Well, what do you think? Did you like it? I’m really not much of a poet, but you inspire me and you make me want to be somebody you’d be proud of.”

    She didn’t say a word, just leaned over and kissed me achingly, tenderly. My mouth opened slightly to receive the warmth and wetness of her fire. My hands gripped her strong thighs and her tongue danced with mine before she plunged inside. She tongue-fucked my mouth and rubbed her hot sex up and down my raging erection.

    When she came up for air, I was the one doing the panting. She had me acting as if I was a stallion looking for a fertile mare to breed. I swallowed the lump in my throat and almost got lost in endless depths of her eyes.

    “Whew Nikkie, fuck – that was a hell of a kiss. I guess that means you liked my little tome?

    She chuckled. “Duh. Of course I liked it. No, that’s not correct – I freaking loved it. Especially the part about my body’s suction and you being drawn into the blue light of my seduction. Now, take off those damn pants so I can show you just how much suction these lips of mine can apply to that big cock of yours.”

    “Oh yes, now that’s the kind of poetry I like to hear,” I said while I watched her unzip my jeans.

  2. Well, I feel a little bit like a voyeur here. (I like to watch) Yvonne, your sexy little poem was very hawt! Got anymore?

    *blinking in the blue light*

    Benjamin, I enjoyed watching you take on Yvonne…I mean respond to Yvonne’s sonnet too.


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