Hump Day Flash #2 ~ Wet

Hey folks, I meant to post this yesterday, but got tied up with edits. So I’m celebrating Hump Day a day late. *grin* You don’t mind do you? 🙂

This flash tale was inspired by a black and white image that immediately caught my attention while strolling through Tumblr the other day. Once you take a gander at it you’ll see why. 😉

Hump Day Flash #2 ~ Wet

Jezel cooed and moaned in his embrace. Anxious to be touched on her aching spot, she parted her legs welcomingly. “Feel how wet I am for you.”

Licking and kissing her face, he held her tightly against him. He gently slapped at her pussy, making her clit quiver. The juicy sounds of her desire echoed through the room.

“Mm, baby you are wet.”

Long fingers slid up and down her valley, spreading her milky arousal. He then speared two fingers into her hungry opening. She latched onto his tie, bucking her hips with his strokes…

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

You know I love to leave you anxious for more. Happy late Hump Day! ;o)

To check out the image that inspired this post, drop my Tumblr account.

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