Yet another Hump Day special! 😉

I use these little flashes to get my writing juices flowing. So far they’ve been successful. Enjoy!

Hump Day Flash #3 ~ Too Fast

Tonya lay beneath him, naked and shivering.

Gazing down lovingly at her, Scott palmed her cheek. “Am I moving too fast?”

She’s wanted him for so long and during that time he’s been out of her reach, devoted to another woman. Now he was willing to be hers. Her man, her lover…

“Not fast enough,” she whispered.

He smiled. “Exactly what I wanted to hear.” He slid down her body, leaving wet kisses along her simmering flesh as he went then wrapped his strong arms around her thighs.

He dipped his face in her spot. His tongue dove between her moist folds and sought out her clit. As his hum of satisfaction vibrated through her, she lost her fingers in his hair.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012