Hump Day Flash #4 ~ Ravenous

Is it me, or is this month literally flying by? I’m not much on time and dates, ‘cause when I’m dead locked in the writing zone I slip away to my own world where the hands of time are stuck in one position and no one cares.

Needless to say, Hump Day Wednesday snuck up on me. I’m not gonna bore you with excuses or how busy I’ve been. I’m just gonna drop something delicious and seductive on you.


Hump Day Flash #4 ~ Ravenous

Jason’s hand struck her bare backside. “Bend your sexy ass over.”

She gasped, folded over and braced against chaise arm rest, more than ready for the mighty plunge. His fingers slid up and down her wet slit then delved into her opening, testing her readiness. Her legs trembled as her ravenous desire increased.

“You want this cock, baby?”


He smacked her ass cheek hard, sending tremors coasting through her. “Say it!”

“I want your cock, Jason!” she growled, rolling her backside against him. “Now stop messing around and slide all up in this juicy black pussy, boy.”

“Fuck yeah!” He grabbed her hips and with a powerful thrust forward rammed his full length into her inviting sex.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Sometimes a little dirty talk is better than foreplay. 😉

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