What would you do…?

What would you do if your lover and/or spouse died and returned to you as a vampire?

Okay, a fan asked me this question and it left me stuck. Honestly, the thought had never occurred to me. Me…an urban fantasy author who writes vampire and shifter tales, had never thought about it.

Funny right?

When I saw the question in my FB inbox, I paused, stared at it for a moment then looked over at my darling husband. I began to think. <– (Yeah, I know! It’s never good when I do that. LOL)

After losing him, I think I would cherish the chance to see him again, even if he’s a little paler than usual and sporting a pair of fangs. First of all, I think my hubby would make an extremely hot vampire, being that he’s a super-handsome man. 😉

The thought alone tosses me into a fantasy. I can’t help but think about all of the eye-crossing, mind-numbing sex we’d have. Of course, there’d be many blackouts from blood loss on my part, but that’s nothing a few glasses of red wine, iron supplements and blood transfusions can’t fix. *snicker*

Seriously though, I don’t know what I’d do. Would I would beg for an eternal life with him, or stake him on sight?

When I posed the question to him, he told me that he would give me a Viking death. He wouldn’t hesitate to stab me in the chest (assuming that would paralyze me, if not kill me), gently lie me in a boat, cover me with multi-colored roses soaked in kerosene… and then set me on fire.

Yeah, you read that right. Set me on FIRE!

Aww, that’s so sweet. O_O

He said he loves me so much, he’d give me a second death to release me from the bonds of my evil blood-sucking life, and would want me to do the same for him. Hmm…

Sooo with that in mind, if I ever become a vampire I know to cross home off of my places to visit list. ^_^

Now, I would like to know what would you do if your lover was a vampire?

13 Replies to “What would you do…?”

  1. Mmmm…great question from our fan, Yvonne! I can’t believe your hubby said he’d stake you! LOL

    It’s a tough decision when you think of leaving behind mortal family members. I’d hate for my kids to see me as a vampire. Hmmm…I don’t know. I just don’t know…

      1. It’s a difficult question, isn’t it? I thought I would be able to come up with an answer quickly, but as you can see it left me stumped. I agree with you as far as my kids go. I would hate for them to see me or their father as a member of the walking dead. Imagine trying to explain that.

  2. HMMM great question indeed! Would I want to spend eternity with him ??? I guess it depends on the kinda Vampire he became.. there are the “evil vampires” where they are no longer the person you loved 30 days of night kind.. then there’s the I will always love and cherrish you for all eternity like Bram Strokers kind! If he was evil I’d kill him in a heart beat. If he was like Vlad then I’d let him suck me.. LOL!

    1. LOL! Pam, you’re trip. I love your answer!!! Hell, if he was an evil vampire I’d help you kill him. *snicker* I imagine my hubby being like Louie from The Interview with a Vampire. He would hate himself and his dark life of eternity. That leaves me at a cross roads. Do I allow him to walk the earth forever hating his existence, or put him out of his misery?

  3. My husband is a personal trainer and body builder. With that said, I think I am in agreement with Yvonne on this one. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t see the sexy side of it, when I posed the question to him he said he would use me to threaten others as if I were some sort of guard dog. I see sexy yet, he has to go and get all practical on me. *shrug*

  4. I have to be honest, it depends on the trope of vamp. If he is one who can control blood lust and not turn all stupid– eating the neighbors, chasing local pets around, wearing black cape and slicking his hair back while calling me Renfield– that would get you staked real fast. If you were a whiney I-hate-myself emo blood sucker, then I would put everyone out of their miser by coating him in a nice layer of gasoline– that stuff is expensive so if I use it, it shows love- and put us all out of our misery. If he sparkled he wouldn’t get further than, Hey Hon! Check this out! It would be a mercy killing… really. But if he was willing to accept his undead condition, willing to make plans to not harm anyone, not turn into a depressed hulk of his former self, then I would stand by him as long as I could. When I grew old and it was time for me to shuffle off this mortal coil, I would hope that he would not revert to any of the above mentioned tropes. And I would hope that if it ever came a time when he could not stand to see the world pass, friends and family growing old and dying, that he would peacefully take his last walk into the sun– or an oven… or a nuclear reactor– whatever works and not become a wast of the human he once was.

    Den said he would make me bite him so we can suffer together. The wedding vows said until death do us part, nothing was mentioned about going undead and checking out early. *g* Now ain’t that love? LOL

    1. How did I know you would write a comment that would make me smile? That’s why I love you, Steph! *grin* Den is a sweetheart. At least he wouldn’t set you on fire. *snicker*
      I’m with you on the sparkle vampires. Don’t even come home if you’re sparkling. LOL!

  5. hmmm, my hubby as a vampire? I guess I agree with the above, it would depend on the type of vampire. But as I know him, he would be able to control the blood lust. I know he would ask if I wanted to join him and I am not sure I would. I have no desire to live forever. I would, most likely, help hide the bodies. LOL 😀

    1. *grin* Aw Chris, you’re an awesome wife! Jack would be the coolest vampire ever. He could come chill with us anytime. After he’s fed of course. Tell him don’t swing by our spot hungry. LOL!

  6. If my bf was a vampire, he’s getting that stake immediately! And he better not try to hit me with that, “oh, but the sex is SO great”…there’s no point in great sex if I’m gonna be passed out from blood loss during it

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