Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser ~ Feeding

Hiya fellow authors, bloggers and readers!

The lovely author Naomi Shaw invited me to participate in Tantalizing Tuesday flash tales. You know how much I love to flash, so needless to say, I accepted her invitation. 😀

Let’s get to it!

(This image was acquired by fellow Tumblr blogger Sexy But Not Porn)

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser ~ Feeding

“What’s wrong with her?” Kara stood in the doorway, staring at the woman laid awkwardly on the bed.

Naked and beautiful, Dante sat next to the woman and began stroking her leg. “She’s transitioning.”

As her skin gradually paled, the woman’s limbs twitched and her lids fluttered.

Kara eased into the room and recognized the woman right away. Ah yes, the model from the runway show tonight. Sure, it was obvious Dante wanted to fuck the fashionable strumpet, even feed from her, but gift her with everlasting life?

Dante gazed down on her like she was the most stunning woman he’d ever seen. “That’s it, m’love. Awaken to your new life.”

The sting of jealousy tweaked Kara’s nerves. “I can’t believe you turned her.”

Those icy blue eyes shifted on her. “You disapprove?”

“Yes! Dante, you promised to turn me, make me your queen. And this woman struts down the catwalk and catches your eye, then just like that she gets eternal life?”

He approached her and wrapped arms around her. “Ohh, don’t be so bitter, m’sweet. You have an important role in her transition.”

“What’s that?” she cooed, melting against his naked body.

“You will be her first meal.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

This is not the first time Dante had made an appearance in my flash tales. https://yvonnenicolas.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/flash-fiction-friday-30-ice-on-flesh/

Thanks for reading!

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7 Replies to “Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser ~ Feeding”

  1. Oh wow! An amazing teaser. I love it. I was right there watching her, the imagery was excellent. And you really got me with the last line. I’m so glad you joined us 🙂

  2. Dante is very cruel man and to end up with a model he barely knew, strikes the gut of the reader that he has no intentions of Kara becoming his queen in his villainous life..

  3. Well, I am not really into the whole vampira thing, but this was extraordinary. Very erotic, self-indulgent and purposeful. Wonderful imagery, a visual tug-of-warlocks, as it were. Splendid:) xo

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