Happy effin’ HUMP DAY people! You know how much I love my Wednesdays.

I was reminded August is anal health and pleasure month. 😀 Yey! This happens to be one of my favorite subjects.

You: “Oh no, Yvonne! Not the booty!”

Me: Rubs hands together and grins. “Oh yeah, the booty.”

Let’s get in on it!

Now I know the two words booty play scares the hell out of many woman and men alike. You may think it’s a horrible experience filled with excruciating pain, but I can tell you first hand that it is not. I promise. As long as there’s no forced entry, and you and your partner take it slow, the experience can be wonderful.

True, there’s a little discomfort at first. However, it quickly blossoms into a pleasurable, satisfying sensation.

What many people fail to realize is that there is a whole network of sensitive nerves within and around your anal canal, and when they are stroked, fingered and yes, even tongued, a regular sexual experience can explode into something mind-blowing.

Wait a minute now!

Before your partner starts making advances toward the booty zone make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned back there, from the inside out. Believe me, once you start playing around the backyard, you’re gonna want to do it again, and again, and again…

There are tools and/or novelties you can purchase that will assist in your booty cleanliness. I suggest you invest in an anal douche. They’re inexpensive, easy to store and easy to keep clean. They’re also some that come with ribbed attachments just in case you and your partner wanna turn the anal cleaning into a pleasure party. 😉 Also, if you find you like backdoor entry a lot and want to do it often, if you don’t already consume fiber on a daily basis, you may want to change your diet. 🙂

Now onto the really fun stuff…

Thankfully, there are many novelties you can use to help you along your anal journey. For first timers, I recommend a butt plug. They come singular, or in anal trainer kits. They even have some that vibrate, which can only add to the fun. *grin*

Drop by Fairvilla Megastore.com They have all that and more.

It’s important to lubricate any tool you plan to insert into your anus. KY jelly or any water-based anal lubricant will do the job.

Once you put the butt plug in, go about your day as you usually would. Go to work, clean the house, take a walk, write a book… whatever it is you do. I tell ya what, people are gonna wonder why you’re smiling so much.

Because you have a secret… in your booty. *giggle*

Your body is going to react to the little invasion right away. Once your anal muscles relax around the object and you get used to the idea of having something lodged in there, then the fun begins. Your nerves are going to pulse and contract around it, then it’s going to trigger the nerves and glands in other parts of your body, and whooo yeah… The orgasm may sneak right up on you, depending on how sensitive your body is. If you’re home with your partner while trying it out, he or she can repeatedly extract it and plunge it in to get some friction going, which increases the pleasure.

Try it, then come back and tell me I was right. 🙂

If you don’t want to bother with the plug, try a set of anal beads.  While in the act of intercourse, have your partner slowly insert the beads, then once you’re near your peak, have him or her pull them out just as slowly. It gives you a little more to moan about and greatly intensifies the experience.

I can go on and on about booty play, but I have to run off and get some sexy scenes written. 😉

Oh and a word of warning for the ladies: If your partner gets really freaky and start dipping from one hole to the other, he or she can go from the vagina to the butt, but never everever, ever-ever go from the butt to the vagina.

Our vajayjays are extremely sensitive to bacteria, and if it’s introduced to any amount of anal particles, it can cause a severe infection and you may end up in the hospital.

So be very careful, but have fun. 😀

Now for your reading pleasure, a blog from Author K.D. King on the pleasures of anal sex. http://www.kinkydivakhronicles.com/?zx=e5101418d051eab2#!/2012/08/back-that-thang-up-anal-august.html

Stay tuned in to my blog posts! Soon, I’ll be revealing the new cover to my ‘redesigned’ novel Designing Love, due to release in September on Amazon. 😉