Hump Day Flash #6 ~ Death and Seduction

Been a while since I gave you a Hump Day flash. 😉 Enjoy!

This image was acquired by fellow Tumblr blogger Coene)


Hump Day Flash #6 ~ Death and Seduction

Vicki dabbed his forehead with a cool cloth as he slept. A film of sweat veiled his face and torso. The fever had gotten worse.

She should’ve never let him talk her into it. She should’ve walked away the moment a spark of lust flickered in his alluring eyes. He’s so beautiful, so untamed and so fuckin’ crazy.

But she loved him, with every bit of her black heart.

“Damn you, Cole,” she whimpered. Tears surfaced and spilled down her face. “Why do you have to skate on the edge of death? What is it about living you despise so much?”

His lids fluttered open and a smile brightened his sweaty face. “A life without you is not worth living, m’chere.”

“Shaddup, you fool,” Vicki whispered, palming his cheek.

Oui, that I am. A fool for you.” He hacked out a cough, twisted around and buried his face in his arm. “What time is it?” he groaned.

“Does it really matter?” She walked over to the window and drew the curtains. “Time should be of no importance to a dying man.”

A wicked smirk tilted in lips. His devilish eyes glimmered as he reached out for her. “Oui, dying in desire, dying in the heat of your seduction, my Nubian princess…”

Her fangs pierced her gums and her breathing quickened. The taste of her own blood slid along her tongue, heightening her dark hunger. “Stop it!” Yet again, she was on the verge of falling victim to his lustful persuasions. “I will fuckin’ kill you, Cole! You understand that? Stop trying to make me your lover!”

“But you are my lover.” His pulled his raging cock from beneath the pants resting low on his hips. He began to stroke himself, winding his fisted hand over each bulging vein.

The sight made her mouth water.

“Come finish me off. Take me into death with you.”

In a flash, she cleared the space separating them and took hold of his stiff rod. “Just remember, you asked for this.”

She bit into her own wrist, severing her blood vessels and shoved it to his mouth. As he greedily fed on her crimson nectar, she took him in her mouth and slid her incisors into his muscled flesh.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

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