Halloween Special ~ The Window

Hey there folks!

This will be one of the many dark gothic blog posts to celebrate Halloween. Some of them will be darkly poetic, and some will be downright horrifying. Either way, I hope you enjoy them.

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The Window

Pale dusk gazed at her from the open window.

The chilled air rushed over her naked flesh, pulling a soft whimper from her dry lips.

He came…

She had called out to him, and he actually came.

Days, months, and years had gone by and her calls had continued to go unanswered.

His silence was the source of her madness.

She needed him; needed the sweet relief only he could give.


Another gentle breeze invaded the small space and swept over her still form.

Mere hours ago, he came to her like a dream, drifted through the window haloed in darkness… his eyes glowing crimson, and fangs glistening.

Yes! Finally! Take me away from the wretched world, you beautiful demon.

He shredded the light fabric of her gown and scored her delicate flesh with his claws.

Oh, the pain was so sweet.

He ravished her body, and consumed her scarlet life force until she had no more to give.

Her demonic soul relished the brutal treatment of this fragile human form.

Blackness crept in from the corners of her vision.

A weak smile curved her lips. 

She whispered his name as the last shuddering breath left her body.

See you in hell, my demon lover.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012 

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