Halloween Special ~ Black Blood

Black Blood

“Keep your head down,” he whispered. “Don’t look her in the eyes.” With a delicate hand on her hip, Jon urged her forward. “Walk toward that door.”

“I don’t think this is going to work,” Linah murmured.


“It will if you do as you’re told.”

Nervousness snaked down her spine. She trembled. “You said she could sense Hunters. If that’s true, we’ll die on sight.”

“Demons can only sense your true nature if you look them in their eyes, so keep your eyes on the damn floor,” he growled through clenched teeth as they approached a door.

“But, this doesn’t feel right…”

“It took me a long time to find her. Don’t fuck this up.”

Something was suddenly off about him. He was so sweet and gentle up to this point.

She reached out and turned the knob. Soothing music reached her ears. Nina Simone.

Linah glanced up to take in her surroundings.

A bar was across the room. A woman with a smooth bronze complexion and streaked crimson hair sat on the barstool, her legs crossed. She sung softly along with Nina Simone as she grazed her fingers across the two long swords resting in her lap.

“Using a human as your pawn?” The woman chuckled. “Now that’s playing dirty.”

“Whatever it takes to make you mine, Dragon Queen,” Jon hissed, his voice deep and demonic. “Consider this girl one of my many gifts to you, your highness.”

“Nah, I’d rather have you instead.”

Out of no where a rush of wind doused her then Linah found herself face to face with the woman. Linah stood frozen in time, unable to move, as her scarlet eyes pierced her soul. The swords shot around Linah’s sides. 

Behind her, Jon cried out and fell against her, causing her to stumble forward into the woman. Warm liquid splashed across Linah’s back then Jon’s body melted to the floor.

When the woman pulled back, her swords were dripping in some strange looking black liquid. As she smiled and ran her tongue across the blade, stealing a taste of the dark colored substance, silver fangs gleamed beneath her lips.

“Oh Linah, Linah, Linah… You gotta stay away from handsome strangers with bright green eyes, girlie. They’re full of lies and death.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Thanks for reading!

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