Erotic Teaser ~ Designing Love

I received another 5 star review on Amazon for Designing Love. I greatly appreciate the reader taking the time out to write the review. Every time I get a good review, I will post a teaser for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you to all the readers out there who have purchased Designing Love! It’s because of you I continue to write. ^_^

Erotic Teaser ~ Designing Love

Josephine wiggled beneath him, which compelled him to tighten his hold. “Please, Devon, you and I both know your penis is doing the talking right now.” She pursed her lips when he frowned. “You’ll say anything to get the coochie, but when it’s all said and done―”

“Is that really what you think of me?” His lips brushed across hers to the corner of her mouth. “Sweetheart, believe me, if my dick was doing the talking, I’d have every bit of it shoved inside of you right now.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

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