Designing Love In Print on Amazon!

I am happy to announce that Designing Love is now available in print on Amazon!

World renowned architect, Devon Sparks reluctantly accepts the job of designing a house for his former lover, who’d betrayed him with his best friend. Still a little emotionally battered, Devon is content to never love again, until Josephine shows up on his doorstep.
Josephine Burnett, a brilliant interior designer, is thrilled to be working on such a big project with Devon. She relishes the opportunity to showcase her talents, but wonders if accepting the job was a mistake in the face of Devon’s rude behavior. Soon she discovers the man behind the cold, hard exterior is capable of smoldering passion…
A passion she finds hard to deny.
Can they break free from their emotional restraints to experience the sultry heat of their love?

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Thanks to The talented Fiona Jayde and lovely Tamara Cribley, the cover turned out gorgeous. You can image my delight when the UPS man dropped off my sexy novels. I opened the box and shrieked in excitement. LOL!

Now for your reading pleasure, an erotic excerpt from Designing Love.

Needy Desire

Steam slithered out from thin opening beneath the door.

Without a second thought, she quietly opened it and stepped into the bathroom. Her mouth dropped open, and her knees went weak.

In all his stunning nakedness, there stood Devon under the spray of steamy water, his head tilted back and his hands running through his soaked hair.

She became envious of the water as it slid down every ridge of hard muscle on his dynamic physique. His semi erect penis peeked at her from the side of his muscled thigh and her mouth watered. His skin blushed from the torment of the heated spray.

She couldn’t remember what she felt before she open the door. All she could feel was him, stroking and caressing her from across the damn bathroom, leaving her to whimper with need for him.

“Have mercy, Devon.”

Startled, he staggered back and jerked his head in her direction. “Jesus Josie, you scared me. I didn’t even hear you come in.”

He turned toward her, blessing her with a full frontal view of his sculptured frame. A faint trail of hair ran down the center of his brawny abs to blend in with the bush of raven strands surrounding his glorious shaft.

Goodness, he looks delicious.

Droplets of water fell from his lashes into his eyes, but not once did he blink, nor take his gaze off her. “You okay?”

Nibbling on her lower lip, she shook her head, causing her dreads to weave back and forth across her back.

He stepped from the shower and closed the space between them in a split second. His arms circled her. He squeezed her so tight against his body she could hardly breathe.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I shouldn’t have left you alone.”

His croon kissed her ear in a sweet rhythm. Her eyes drifted close and arms rounded his neck. His embrace was the balm and his voice was the soothing rain. The moisture coating his naked skin soaked through the silk nightgown and bathed her flesh. The throb of his cock strummed against the base of her belly, stirring up her uncontainable desire. Tears bubbled up from her closed lids and rolled down her face.

This was where she needed to be, where she belonged.

“Thank you,” she whispered, tightening her hug around his neck. “For being there for me, for pulling me back when I couldn’t see past my anger.”

Air blew through his nose and tickled her ear. “I’d do anything for you, Josie.”

He straightened his back and her feet left the ground. Soon, the spray of the hot water soaked into her hair and streamed down her face. She dipped her head back and welcomed the healing shower.

As he nuzzled the crook of her neck, his tongue traced her vein and his teeth nipped at her flesh.

The weaving fire within was now a roaring blaze.

He walked forward until her back met the wall. The drenched gown was drawn up her legs as his anxious tongue grazed over the seam of her lips. With a faint cry, she opened her mouth to receive him.

Digging her fingers in his hair, she rolled her slippery tongue around his, playing and dancing with him. He groaned against her, all the while pulling the gown up her body.

When the fabric reached her breasts, he broke the kiss, flung the gown up over her head, and tossed it across the shower.

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2012

Designing Love will be available at Barnes and Noble and All Romance Ebooks in January. ^_^

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