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Happy Monday, folks!

My girl, Nichelle Gregory tagged me on the 777 challenge, to share 7 lines of my WIP and I’m happy to accept.

I was asked to go to page 7 or 77 of my manuscript and count down 7 lines, then post the next 7. After that, I was asked to name 7 more authors to tease us with their 7!

So here we go ~ 7 lines from my tale Memories of the Sapphire Rose Garden

Herah waited until she couldn’t smell the troll gypsy’s scent in the air anymore before she took off in the direction of the shifters. “Let’s move, girl.”

Hoofs drummed the ground as the wind rushed past her face. The vibrations of the powerful gallop traveled up through her stallion’s armored form and padded saddle to thump against her womanhood. It aroused her sensitive nerves and invigorated her to the core.

God, she loved riding this mare.

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