Three’s a Party, Baby! #BookReview

Inhibitions slip away and pent-up desires are explored when a pretty, but shy scientist takes a libido-enhancing trial drug her team has been working on!

A brilliant, driven scientist, Nisa devotes her time to her work in the lab. Frustrated with her inability to orgasm or enjoy sex, Nisa is personally vested in the outcome of her team’s latest case study of Vitamin P, a female libido-enhancing pill. She recklessly takes more than the prescribed dosage of the drug upon overhearing Ryce and Eric, her two closest male friends and fellow scientists joking about her sexless appeal. The pill unleashes powerful, hidden desires within Nisa and she revels in it orgasmic effects. Her insatiable cravings lead her into the arms of both men. However, once the pill wears off Nisa wonders if love and friendship can survive in the aftermath of her relentless passion.

This was a refreshing fast-paced love story with a little added bonus. It was a bit slow at the beginning, but once it got going, I couldn’t put it down. This story is rife with hot sex. If you feel nothing while reading this, you should check your pulse.

In other words, it was fire, baby!

Nisa is a scientist dedicated to her work. She’s so dedicated that she makes no time for anything else. The woman works with 2 super-hot guys and all she can think about is work. Crazy, right?

Well, after overhearing her coworkers describe her as “boring”, she tosses her inhibitions to the wind and swallows not 2, but 4 pills of an experimental libido enhancer, also known as, Vitamin P. The pills send her into overdrive and the only way to douse the fiery desire inside is to yield to her sexual yearning.


Although, I love Nisa’s character, I was missing some character development from her coworkers Ryce and Eric. I liked their attraction to Nisa, but I wanted to know more about them.

Towards the end, it seemed like Eric was left out of the mix. She was clearly more attracted to Ryce than Eric, which kind of put a damper in my hopefulness toward their three-way love affair, and left me saying, “Awww…” with my pouty face. Even though, she’s in a position to have her cake and eat it too, I wanted her to be head-over-heels in lust with both of them. *grin*

Yeah, I know. I’m twisted like that.

All that aside, if you want a good read with tons of steaming sex, Grab your copy of Vitamin P today!

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