Has anyone ever hastagged you during a phone conversation? *smh* I don’t mind being hashtagged on twitter, FB or even by text, but over the phone? C’mon now…


Friend: “I’ll catch a cab out there, then I’ll call you to let you know what hotel I’m at.”

ME: “You don’t’ have to catch a cab, I’ll come scoop you up.”

Friend: *sighs in relief* “I was hoping you’d say that. ‘Hashtag’, awesome sauce.”

ME: *stares at the phone awkwardly* “Dude, no you didn’t just ‘hashtag’ me over the phone.”

Friend: *laughs* Yeah, I did! ‘Hashtag’, what wrong with that?”

ME: “Seriously?”

Friend: “You need to catch up with the trend. ‘Hashtag’, everybody speaks hashtag.”

ME: “I’m gonna hang up in your face in T-minus 5 seconds if don’t stop hashtagging me.”

Friend: “Hashtag, I love you, girl!”

ME: “Hashtag, LAME. *disconnects*