Cuff Me, Santa #BookReview #SexyReads

CuffMeSantaAlex never could leave her presents alone. Its Christmas time again and her
boyfriend has left her something naughty under the tree. Determined to try her new toy out before everyone wakes up, she makes the couch her sexual playground. Come midnight Alex hears a noise. Before long she’s no longer alone after Santa arrives and together they create a Christmas neither will forget.

Full of sexy Christmas cheer, this is one Christmas you are not soon to forget. Not only will Alex have some Christmas magic, but Santa will get one heck of a gift himself from the sultry Alex.


I will start by saying this; I will never look at Christmas the same way again. Better yet, I will never look at Santa the same way again. Oy vey…

This was an erotic ride that will forever be imprinted on my mind.

At first, I was bothered by the lack of plot, but as I read on, I realized it wasn’t meant to be that type of story. It was meant to be a sexual read, literary porn if you will. And I say that in a good way.

I usually write pretty lengthy reviews, but there’s not much to say with this one. The author did what she set out to do, get me hot and bothered. *blush*

If you’re looking for a short holiday read that’s guaranteed to get you hot under the collar and moist between the thighs, Cuff Me Santa should be on your Christmas list.

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