Who will be Christian Grey? #50ShadesofGrey #ASMSG

CharlieI’m sure most of you have heard the news. Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of the lead role as Mr. Christian Grey. Many people feel some kind of way about this, whether they’re disappointed or elated. I heard someone even started a petition to recast the part for another male actor once they heard Hunnam had been chosen for the role. Really? Wow. Sounds like someone needs to find something more productive to do with their time.


I, for one, am happy he made this decision. The reason being, I don’t think this role would’ve helped his career. In fact, I believe it would’ve crippled it. He’s an actor on the rise, and he’s building quite a body of work to add to his role in the hit series Sons or Anarchy. I honestly feel that taking the role as Christian Grey would be a step down for him.

I’ll explain my reasoning for that comment in a moment.Idris

After starring in Pacific Rim with the incredibly sexy Idris Elba—*swoon*—he took a few big steps up in his acting career. He played the dynamic role of Raleigh Becket and displayed his ability to act outside of the role he dominates in Sons of Anarchy. I believe Pacific Rim was only a taste, and we’ll see him take his acting to the next level in the near future.

Now to explain my comment…

I mean no disrespect to the 50 Shades of Grey fans. I only mean to point out a glaring fact. Let me start off by saying I have not read the complete trilogy. Many readers asked me if I had planned to read it because they wanted to know what I thought of it. I hadn’t planned to add 50 Shades to my ‘must read’ list, but I felt inclined to indulge those who sought out my opinion on certain scenes.

*sigh* I tried really hard ‘cause I promised them I would read it. Seriously people, I tried to finish the first book 3 times! When I have to try to force myself through a book more than once, that’s a clear sign to put it down and move onto another book. Unfortunately, it didn’t grab me like it was intended to. And I was really hoping it did. I wanted the experience other readers got, I wanted to be moved to a state of horniness and it just didn’t happen for me. Not even in the slightest. Let’s just say it’s a less than mild hot sauce compared to what I’m used to reading, and more importantly what I’m used to writing. 😉

So those of you who asked me to read the series, now you know why I’ve been silent on the issue. Sorry. 😦

Putting my personal experience aside, I applaud Miss James for penning a series of novels that has brought a lot attention to the erotica genre. I think all authors should her applaud her and wish her continued success.

Now let’s discuss the general substance of the book. It’s literary pornography, nothing more, nothing less. Many are calling it, ‘mommy porn.’ I guess if you’re not used to reading erotica, that’s the correct term for it. Being that it’s literary porn, when you create a movie out of it, it becomes something similar to soft porn, OR actual porn, depending on how wild the producers and director want to get. 😀 I wouldn’t mind seeing how far they’ll take it, though I must say, I won’t be one of the viewers in the theater when it releases. I’ll wait until the movie is featured on one of my favorite movie stations. That way if anything happens to get me moist between the legs, I won’t have to worry about leaving evidence of my arousal on the chair at the theater. 😉 Don’t look like that. I know for a fact I’m not the only chick who wets the seats when she gets turned on. :p

Okay enough of my silliness. For now.

We’ve established the fact that the 50 Shades movie will most likely be similar to a soft porn, with a lead male character that in many ways abuses his female counterpart, which is why I believe Charlie Hunnam respectfully bowed out. If you think about it, the storyline promotes abuse, whether it’s mental or physical abuse. It’s obvious Miss James confused that with the BDSM lifestyle and failed to do research on it, but nevertheless the story is still a success.

Before Hunnam bowed out, he said he would read the series to fully embody the character Christian Grey. After reading about Mr. Grey, Hunnam either decided he didn’t want to be associated with that character, or he didn’t want to be associated with the franchise in a whole. They said he got cold feet. I don’t believe that’s what happened. An actor who’s already in the limelight for his previous work does not get cold feet all of a sudden. But whatever the reason is, he’s out and hopefully moving on to bigger and better things.

Just so you know, he’s not the first actor to turn down that role. It’s my understanding 3 more actors passed on the role, including Ryan Gosling—a fan favorite.

IanMany have voiced their desire to see Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey. Maybe it would be a good look for him, and maybe not. I don’t know. I like Ian, but personally, I don’t think that role would be a good step for him. I know many of you would disagree since you’re dying to see Ian get down and dirty. 😀 I’m not going to lie. I sort of want to see that too. 😉

From what I read, they didn’t even consider Ian for the role. But Miss James did expressRobertP her desire to see Robert Pattinson as Christian Grey. That’s a blind shot into the shadows. Truth be told, he’s bigger than that role. His acting is steadily growing and becoming exceptional. Being Christian Grey would be a HUGE step back for him. I mean c’mon, have you seen the movie Water for Elephants, or Remember Me? If you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out on some great acting. Be prepared to cry. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

So now that Hunnam is out, who will be Christian Grey?

They should consider an unknown actor, someone who’s just starting out in the movie industry, someone who’s trying to make a name for himself. If they keep going for big names, or male actors who are partially established in this industry, they’re going to continue to be disappointed. I hope not though. 🙂

Who would you like to see as Christian Grey?

Read the article on Hunnam’s drop out here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/fifty-shades-grey-charlie-hunnam-648066

Feel free to state your comments on this issue, but please remember to be respectful. No hate-filled comments.

3 Replies to “Who will be Christian Grey? #50ShadesofGrey #ASMSG”

  1. I don’t care who they cast as Christian Grey because I won’t be watching the movies.
    Great post! I’m simply not a fan of 50 Shades. I tried to read past book one, but I couldn’t. But I give props to James for all she has accomplished.

  2. The books are not everyone’s cup of tea — I realize that. And I also realize that they polarize very quickly, with the majority of the “haters’ club being fellow writers. So, whether to read or not is another discussion altogether. But two points —

    1. An article published within the last two days says that Charlie Hunnam got way too much attention, way to quickly for his comfort level and that’s why he dropped out of the project. It had nothing to do with not wanting the role or not liking the script.

    2. I disagree. Whether you like the books or not, whether you like the part or not, the role of Christian Grey is going to be a career maker for whomever gets the part, regardless of the subject matter of the film. Mark my words.


  3. I haven’t watched Fifty Shades either and have recently had a contributer who is a ardent fan (that feels like an understatement) do reviews for my blog and she’s already finished the other two. she has gifted me the books too. I still don’t have the push to read them but I’m certainly gonna give them a go. I think I have let the writers critique affect my judgement a great deal.

    But things got worse after watching Magic Mike yesterday which i was so greatly anticipating to enjoy. I mean this movie has had such rave reviews and yet all i was left with is an anti something that never even began to approach climax.

    right from the beginning where Matthew mac something does that titi pinching rule explaining dancing routine i disliked it. it had that badly done hillbilly thing (oh can i say hillbilly – i’m in Africa so i don’t think i can be sued….. i think).

    And for some illogical reason I had equated that movie to 50 shades in my mind. So The only bit i enjoyed as when Channin Tatum did his proper dance routine and even that I felt had been too edited for him.
    Suffice to say….there was just no heat in the whole thing for me. Sex In The City (the tvseries) was way hotter than Magic Mike.

    I know I’m making absolutely no sence. i think i needed a place to rant and this was it LOL. Sorry and Thanks

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