Orlando Bloom Kissing Condola Rashad and Liking It. A Lot! #RomeoandJuliet


I usually don’t write blogs on topics such as this, but I had to do it, just to get my two cents out there. This is so juicy for me because I’m a huge Orlando Bloom fan.

Orlando Bloom was on the Kelly & Michael show on Friday talking about his Romeo & Juliet Broadway play. Michael asked him about the long kissing scenes he has with Condola Rashad.

This is what he said: “We sometimes get applause after our first kiss because it just goes on. Sometimes I’m like, I’mRomeo&Juliet not letting go.”

My first thought was, You’re not letting go? Hold up, homeboy. You’re not supposed to enjoy it that much! Aren’t you married? You better cut those kisses short and stop playing.” Seriously, I got a little mad for his wife.

But then, I found out this morning that he and his wife are getting a divorce and are separated. That totally changes everything. Now, I’m like, “Get that tongue, Orlando! Devour her!”


Condola said they’ve had great chemistry from the moment they met so they don’t have to work hard at kissing each other.

Uh-huh, I bet they have great chemistry. 😉 Sooo…since no one has brought it up, or bothered to say it, I’m gonna go ahead and put it out there.

I think Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad are dating, among other things. 😀 Boom!

Swirl it up, Orlando! Swirl. It. Up!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’m going to go buy my ticket for Romeo and Juliet on Broadway. 😉

See you in New York, biatches!

Click here to see what Condola said about kissing Orlando: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20749276,00.html

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