You Could WIN Seducing the Jackal by @seressia at the Trick or Treat Halloween #Giveaway

What’s up, winners! I have another treat for you. 😉

Check out what you could win at the Sam Cheever’s Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway; the steamy paranormal romance by one of my favorite authors, Seressia Glass, Seducing the Jackal.

Seducing_the_Jackal_full-189x300The Sons of Anubis are jackal shapeshifters—they have a human form and a jackal form. Millennia ago, the god Anubis called jackals from the grasslands beyond the Great Western Desert and imbued them with his power, giving them the ability to assume human form and charging them to aid him in his duties as lord of the underworld.

Helping them do this were the Daughters of Isis. For thousands of years they worked together, lived together. Some even loved together. Then the witches betrayed the jackals, and an unending war thus began.

Get yourself a glass of cold water, because it’s about to get hawt.

Markus awoke to the best sensation a man could experience: a warm, wet mouth swallowing his cock. He fumbled for the lamp on the nightstand, tapped it on. “Tia, what are you doing?”

She rolled her eyes at him.

“I mean, I know what you’re doing, but why are you doing it?” Are you stupid, man? A beautiful woman is going down on you. Shut the hell up and enjoy it.

She pulled off him with a wet popping sound that was the most erotic thing he’d ever heard. “It was poking me in the back. Since it so obviously needed attention, I decided to give it some.”

“Blessed Anubis, woman.” His hips rose as she swallowed him again. Lust and magic increased, a heady combination he could easily grow addicted to. Probably already was. If this was what being enchanted by an Isis witch meant, he’d gladly surrender to it.

Sex for pleasure’s sake was foreign to him. Throughout the long years of their exile, the jackals’ intimate habits had been focused on survival, and survival meant building their numbers. Every sensual act with the opposite sex was considered a sacred and deliberate thing, always begun with a prayer to Anubis.

This was…freeing. Wildness rose in him, the primal call of male to female. Curling his fingers into the sheets, he gave himself over to sensation. When Tia’s fingers cupped his balls, he nearly whimpered but couldn’t keep silent when her tongue traced over his sac. Buffeted by the need raging through him, he groaned aloud, helpless against the sensual magic she wove.

All too soon he could feel it, the urge to come surging up from his toes. No, gods damn it! Not yet. “Tia.”

Relief and disappointment met as she pulled her sweet mouth away. “Yeah?”

He struggled for words as her fingers stroked him. “Condom. On me. Now.”

Her throaty chuckle almost undid him. She crawled to the head of the bed, dropping a searing kiss on him before reaching for one of the foil packets on the nightstand. Thank Isis she had a whole box of them in her go-bag.

She straddled his thighs, dark eyes fixed on him as she tore the pouch open with her teeth. Fingers wrapping around his cock, she stroked him, strong, steady pulls with a twist over the head just the way he liked it but made better by her touch, her magic. His cock swelled anew, hard for her, hungry for her.

“Ride me,” he demanded as she sheathed him. His fingers dug into her hips, muscles flexing as he lifted her. “Ride me.”

She reached between them to guide his hardness to her opening, dragging his sheathed cock along her slit to coat it in her wetness. Keeping her gaze locked to his, she sank down even as he thrust up, fusing them together.

She threw her head back on a groan, the dusky copper of her nipples capturing his gaze. “Gods, that feels incredible. I can barely breathe.” She squeezed him.

He let her go, digging his fingers into the sheets again in an effort to hold back, to wrestle for a shred of control. The fabric ripped as his nails elongated.

Her eyes rounded. “Are you shifting?”

“No.” He mangled the word, his sharpened teeth getting in the way.

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