**Special Offer** Rock Star Lover Is Available for Pre-Order! #eroticromance #ian1 #asmsg #kobo

Great news!

ROCK STAR LOVER, the first installment of the Carnal Dairies Series, is available for pre-order on Kobo! Click the Kobo image below to score the first novel from the Carnal Diaries Series for the promotional price of only $.99 before it releases.

On Friday, March 21st, Rock Star Lover will be offered on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Ebook Romance and Kobo for $1.99.



“I like it when you pull my strings. It makes me think of all the nasty things I could do to you.” ~ Ripp Collins

Blues singer, Aubrey Anderson finds herself tangled in the reality of her secret desire. Her head tells her to devote her life to the good, steady man, who intends to marry her. But her heart reaches for her childhood friend—British rocker, Ripp Collins.

For the sake of their friendship, Ripp has always respected the distance Aubrey put between them. But once he learns of her engagement, he is no longer willing to bury his feelings for her.

Can he convince her to give into him, despite his bad boy reputation, or will she keep running from the passion they could share?

Join me on Friday while I celebrate rock n’ roll and rhythm & blues at my cyber launch party! Bring your favorite rock star and R&B images to share. And enjoy some naughty excerpts from many of my author friends as they celebrate with me.

Click the link to accept the invite to my party. https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/521682247953291/?ref_notif_type=like&source=1

Add ROCK STAR LOVER to your “Want To Read” list for a chance to win. I will randomly choose 2 Goodreads’ readers to receive a free copy of Rock Star Lover, and also an autographed print copy of Designing Love. Click the Goodreads image below to add ROCK STAR LOVER to your Goodreads’ list.


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