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In the midst of the rushing moment, someone abruptly came up behind me. As a reflex move, I ran forward to distance myself. A hand forcefully grabbed me by the arm.

Oh, hell! I screamed out as I was yanked from the street and into a narrow alleyway. “Stop! Noo! Let me go!” My last word was muffled when a hand slapped over my mouth. Locked against a hard body, I was forced to face the wall.

I pressed my palms into the wall and shoved back in an attempt to make my captor totter backwards. That way, I could make a break for it.

He didn’t budge. Instead, he wrapped an arm around me, pinning my arms down. The bulge pushing against the small of my back grew stiff.

I became frantic, writhing and bucking violently while muffling out cries.

A heavy grunt filled my ears. “Oh Luv, if you keep moving around like this, I just might do what you’re think I’m going to do to you.” His familiar husky tone sent a shudder blazing through me.

I stopped and gasped. What the hell… Ripp? I tried to turn around.

With his hand still clamped over my mouth, his grip tightened. “Don’t face me. If I look into your eyes, I may do something to you that I can’t take back.”

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