Let’s talk about #CaptainAmerica ~ The Winter Soldier #MovieReview

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-internationalAlrighty, folks! I’ve been holding off on this post because some of my friends asked me to. Now that the weekend has passed, I’m ready to talk about it. So, I reeeally hope you all went to see Captain America because that’s what this post is about.

And YES, there are spoilers! That being said, if you haven’t seen the movie stop reading this post right now!

I’d first like to say how proud I am of Chris Evans. He has come a looong way since the flick Not Another Teen Movie. I had my doubts about him portraying the first Avenger, especially after he was Johnny Storm/ Torch in the movie Fantastic Four, but he has shown the world how versatile of an actor he is.

Bravo, Mr. Evans! I will watch any movie you’re in, my friend.

Now let’s talk about the latest Captain America flick, The Winter Soldier.

This movie was so on point and so good I don’t even know where to start. From the beginning to the end, you are served major eye candy. First of all, so many villains popped up in this movie. Arnim Zola, Batroc the Leaper, Crossbones, Baron Von Strucker… Wow.

This movie left me so excited. It was difficult to go to sleep after watching it.

The fight scene between Batroc the Leaper and Captain America had me on the edge of my seat. Cap surprised us all when he tossed the shield and the mask to the side and took it to the streets. By that, I mean he showed Batroc he didn’t need the shield to whup up on his ass.

Just one more reason to love Captain America.

Marvel has it together when it comes to making superhero movies. The direction, the storyline and the action… All in all, the movie was dynamic! Right when you think Hydra is eliminated or at least in hibernation due to the absence of their fearless leader—Red Skull, they rise up again and infiltrate SHIELD. Who came up with that brilliant twist? This is not something that just happened over night. This had been going on right under SHIELD’s noses from the very beginning. The mad bioscientist Dr. Arnim Zola encrypted SHIELD’s system and Hydra continued its assault from behind the enemy lines.

“If a head is cut off, two more will take its place.”

Those words held true meaning in this movie. Hydra multiplied their forces and took over the biggest espionage and law-enforcement agency in the world. They were everywhere, and they were out for blood!

Head spy, Nick Fury noticed a few odd things going on in the SHIELD agency that didn’t include him, so he devised a plan to uncover what was lurking in the darkness, which ultimately resulted in his death. Or so we thought. A friend of mine said the Nick Fury car scene was a movie in itself—a mini movie within the Captain America movie. Boy, was he right. I was literally holding my pee and my breath during that whole scene.

Nick Fury showed us why he was the HNIC. He was not easily taken down, even when we thought he was dead.

One of my favorite scenes of the movie is when Captain America went in pursuit of the Winter Soldier after he’d shot Fury. Instead of going around the building, like a normal person would, he WENT THROUGH THAT BITCH! I was out of my seat! Whoa! He was blowing holes through walls, sending doors flying off the hinges… straight Hulk-like tendencies. That’s what you do when you’re chasing someone and you want them badly… Don’t let a building stand in your way. Run right through that bitch!

My next favorite is the elevator scene. *smh* A whole bunch of men packed in a small space, trying to handcuff Captain America… I’m sorry, that scene did it for me. I can’t even talk about it without feeling some kind of way. 😉

Moving on…

The Winter Soldier, who turned out to be the fallen soldier from the first movie aka Steve Rodgers’ best friend—BUCKY, was incredible, not to mention a fucking BEAST! I wanted to root for him because not only was he hawt, he was our beloved Bucky, but ooo, he was such a bad guy. He had a mission to kill and he did it very well. Remember in the first Captain America movie when Cap found Bucky strapped up in some room within Hydra headquarters, drifting in and out of consciousness and talking to himself? Well, when Hydra had him then, they were experimenting on him. Now fast-forward to when he fell from the train. Hydra found him after that fall, and turned him into a weapon, an indestructible assassin. A perfect enemy for Captain America. He had the speed, he had the strength, and he had a killer’s instinct.

When he and Cap went toe-to-toe for the first time, I had an eyegasm right there on the spot. It was a well plotted and well directed scene. It was easy to follow and there wasn’t a whole bunch of shaky camera action to confuse the flow of things. I loved it!

Once Captain America saw that the Winter Soldier was his old buddy Bucky, that flipped his world upside down. He was stuck on pause for a hot minute. And it fit so well with the moment, even though most of the people watching the movie knew it was Bucky to begin with.

The last fight scene between them was epic. There was a lot of emotion fueled in that scene, and when it ended, it pulled at my heartstrings. I wanted Bucky to remember his friend so badly I was in tears. When he did finally remember, and saved Cap’s life, it was an awesome moment.

Sebastian Stan, you made me want to kiss you.

Now I’m wondering if Bucky will make an appearance in the next Captain America movie. The scene after the ending credits suggests he will. And he’ll be going after Hydra. *fingers crossed*

Anthony Mackie was a great Falcon! I hope they plan to incorporate his character more in the upcoming movies. He wasn’t a “key” member of the Avengers but when he came onto the scene he became an important asset. I adored his relationship with Steve Rodgers. Bromance. Although they’d just met each other while jogging, they had an instantaneous connection and liked each other right away. Their friendship played a big role in the movie because Cap was faced with the dilemma of not knowing who to trust when the shit hit the fan.

I can go on and on about how amazing this movie is. There were so many parts that blew my mind, but I have to cut it short because I have quite a bit of writing to do. 😀 You know how it is. Deadlines and all…

Feel free to leave a comment. If you saw Captain America, the Winter Soldier, I would love to see your thoughts on it.


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