Snippet from Crimson Memories #ian1 #asmsg #shifters #steampunk #Interracial #Fairytale

This is a dream segment from my upcoming novel, Crimson Memories, due to release at the end of April.

The 2 main characters, Petra and Argon are seductively teasing each other through their dreams. Enjoy!


Panting helplessly, I reached out for her.

Petra skipped backwards and began to circle me, prancing on her toes. She moved so fluidly, I thought she would twirl into a ballet at any moment. “Are you hunting me, Argon?” Her voice was a breath of silk, brushing over me like a soothing wind.

“I am,” I admitted with no shame. “You captivate me.” Like her, I had changed. My timbre had deepened, my body had stretched. I was now a man, suffering the primal longing for this elusive woman before me. “Are you going to continue to make me chase you?”

“I think I will.” She ended her roundabout, tilted her head playfully and then darted behind another tree.

Husky laughter shook my chest as I went in pursuit. “Such a teasing temptress.” I rounded the evergreen, and she wasn’t there.

She appeared from behind the adjacent tree. “You like to be teased and I like it when you chase me. It makes me feel wanted.”

I dared a few steps forward. “And want you, I do. Would you like to know what I plan to do once I get my hands on you?”

The question sent a shudder down her form. Her lips parted, eyes widened.

Taking one lengthy step, I lunged toward her.

Determined to keep the space between us, she leapt backwards. “Save it.” Leaving her girlish laughter echoing across the forest, she vanished behind another tree, only to reappear behind me. “You can surprise me…” Her breathy whisper feathered the shell of my ear. “…if you have the will to catch me.”

I spun around with my hand out for the grab, but my fingers grazed through air. “I see it amuses you to poke the bear. Go ahead. Run and hide, my pretty little lass. You must know hide and seek is my favorite game.”

“Of course it is. You are, after all, a hunter.” Twirling from around a tree, she brushed my cheek with the back of hand. “Didn’t anyone tell you that chasing a fantasy will only drive you to insanity?”

“Too late for that, sweetheart. I’m already there…” I lurched forward and caught her by the arm before she could turn and flee. I snatched her into an unyielding embrace and squeezed her against my hardened body. “…for you drove me to insanity the moment you let me put my lips on you.”

Copyright © Yvonne Nicolas 2014


One Reply to “Snippet from Crimson Memories #ian1 #asmsg #shifters #steampunk #Interracial #Fairytale”

  1. I loved the snippet from your new novel so much that I had no choice but to purchase it. I love your writing style. It’s fluid, detailed without being wordy and your use of word play allows the imagination to run wild. I appreciate your talent and reading about characters that in someways look like me. But without the fangs! Although I’m know to have a witty but sharpe tongue, lol! Keep writing, the world needs more writers like you.

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