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wickedOnce Upon a Time, 10 wicked authors joined forces and added their own wicked flair to 10 popular fairytales… 😀 Wicked Fairytales: The Curvy Collection is now available on Amazon! You’re only one click away from our wicked fairytale world, filled with sexy creatures and lustful fantasies.

Won’t join us?

This week I’ll be sharing naughty excerpts from each story for your reading pleasure.

 Now, introducing the 10 tales that are guaranteed to leave you anxious for more…

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BIG LOVE by Seraphina Donavan

(A unique twist on Cinderella… and Jack and the Beanstalk)

Prudence knows the truth about her stepsister. Ella isn’t the victim; she’s just good at playing one. Working in a magic shop with the boozy fairy godmother that screwed up everyone’s life, Prudence gives chase to a young shoplifter and gets more than she bargained for. Tangled up in the Beanstalk and carried upward to the giant’s kingdom, she finds herself face to face with a handsome giant who happens to be King… and hot enough to make her knees go weak.


CLEVER GIRL by Kate Baum

(A modern retelling of the Little Red Hen)

Henrietta “Ettie” Stewart is a good not-so-little girl. She’s always done what everyone expected of her, including going off to the fat camp her parents think will whip her into shape and find her a man. Paradeisos, named after the Greek word for Paradise, isn’t your usual spa. It’s as much about transforming your inner self as your outer, and what Ettie’s inner self wants is the hot chef…Henry.


CRIMSON MEMORIES by Yvonne Nicolas

(A dystopian retelling of Little Red Riding Hood)

Visiting his grandfather, a brave man who lost his leg to a demon wolf decades earlier, Argon Quinn has a deep and abiding hatred for supernatural creatures that has fueled his illustrious career as a warrior with the Dark Hunters Legion. While at home, Argon meets Petra, the woman of his dreams, but she is shrouded in secrets. He recognizes that she’s more than human, but what will he do when he realizes she’s the very thing he despises most?


THE SKYE’S THE LIMIT by Siobhan Mackenzie

(Based on the Princess and the Pea)

Skye Luna is the Princess of the Five Kingdoms. It is her duty to marry for the betterment of her kingdom. Reluctantly, still painfully in love with a man who simply abandoned her, she agrees to choose a husband from the various princes and kings who will be paraded in front of her, per their custom. One man, one king, manages to pique both her curiosity and her ire. Arrogant, challenging, maddening, but also achingly familiar, King Michel can stir her passions, but only if they stop fighting first!


CONTINUUM by Sheri Fredricks

(A retelling of the Princess and the Frog)

Princess Tonya leads a lonely, isolated and painfully celibate existence. Tad, cursed into the form of a frog, isn’t faring any better. When the two cross paths, Tonya’s response to his sexy voice is incendiary. It’s also the key to breaking Tad’s curse in


BEAST OF BATH by Chasity Bowlin

(A Regency re-telling of Beauty and the Beast)

Lady Thessaly Shade knows that even the most handsome of men can be a monster inside. Running from her stepfather and his diabolical scheme, she encounters something very different—a noble and honorable man who has been labeled a beast. His face marked by hideous scars, Victor can’t bear to have her look at him. Afraid of the pity or revulsion that she will undoubtedly feel, he keeps his face hidden from her, even as he makes her his wife. But no one can hide forever, and Victor’s enemies are determined to see any chance he has at happiness destroyed.



(A retelling of Hansel and Gretel)

They were left in the forest by their father and cursed by a wicked one (yes there’s an edible house). The curse causes them both to crave sweets, uncontrollably. One day Meesh’s brother Shawn finds a new sweet shop in town and excitedly goes to her with his find. She immediately goes to it and is stunned by what she sees. For once in her life not overcome with the desire to taste everything in the shop. She believes she might have found her cure…

BUY ME A ROSE by Brandi Gillilan

(A retelling of Rose Red)

Rose is a lady, the daughter of a Duke, but her first calling has always been that of a warrior. With her curvy body and devotion to her craft, she’s shocked when she’s called upon to fulfill a marriage contract with the royal family. Assuming Prince Nicolai would prefer her prettier sister, Rose is uncertain and mistrustful of his attraction to her, but that is not their only problem. A powerful witch has come to their kingdom, wreaking havoc and mayhem with her minions. Fighting side by side with her prince, Rose begins to realize her true worth.



(A modern retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

Samantha Goldi has left her worthless boyfriend and plans on starting a new life, until her equally worthless car leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere. With cell service a distant memory, she sets out to find help. The woods are dark and scary, so when she stumbles upon a cabin, Goldi takes refuge there. After showering, having a bite to eat, and settling down in a large bed to relieve some tension, Goldi is discovered… by three hot, hunky men… The Bear brothers, who share everything.


NEVER NEVER by Leanore Elliott

(A wicked and very adult retelling of Peter Pan)

Angela Darling thought she’d landed her dream job. But when she meets 2 very hot, dynamic men, she finds she may have actually landed inside a dream. Things are not what they appear to be, as magic and lust swirl around her. Angela realizes her dreary life just took a significant, exciting turn when the truth is revealed and she becomes lost in the land of Never, Never.

Wicked FairyTales
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