Wicked #Fairytales: GOLDI’S THREE BEARS by @LeighSavage #Anthology #EroticRomance #asmsg

Happy Hump Day, folks! I’d like to introduce you to the beautifully wicked, Leigh Savage

LeighSavageauthorphotoLeigh Savage lives in Saint Louis, MO with her husband and two children. Leigh is known for her paranormal erotic romance novels Angel of Death and Shadows of My Past. She has also written a collection of short stories called Bound by Blood and her new release Dream Dragon the Dark Side of Poetry. Leigh is currently working on her next paranormal erotic romance short Surrender to the Night that’s a prequel to Angel of Death as well as book three in her vampire series called Embrace of the Immortal.

“I grew up loving to escape in the world of stories that my Father would write just for me. So, it wasn’t any wonder that as I got older, I too picked up the pen and started writing.” ~ Leigh Savage

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Here’s a delicious taste of Goldi’s Three Bears from the Wicked Fairytales: the Curvy Collection

Goldi’s Three Bears Blurb

Samantha Goldi has left her worthless boyfriend and plans on starting a new life, until her equally worthless car leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere. With cell service a distant memory, she sets out to find help. The woods are dark and scary, so when she stumbles upon a cabin, Goldi takes refuge there. After showering, having a bite to eat, and settling down in a large bed to relieve some tension, Goldi is discovered… by three hot, hunky men… The Bear brothers, who share everything.

Wicked FairyTales

“Goldie hadn’t tried all three beds, she thought, but she’d certainly tried all three brothers.”

Steamy Excerpt

Goldi awoke, the cool air hitting her bare skin made her nipples taut. For a moment, she’d forgotten where she was. Listening carefully…all seemed quiet and she was still alone.

A glance through the bedroom window showed it had grown completely dark outside. She had no idea how long she’d been asleep. Still feeling tense from the day’s events, she took a deep breath and exhaled. Stretching, the covers slipped down her body exposing her naked flesh; the cool night air against her skin, creating goose bumps.

A wicked thought as to how to ease her tension crept in, but could she dare? Her hand gently traced over her nipples. Tugging on the hardened peaks, caused desire to course though her body.

Goldi felt extremely naughty lying there, touching herself in a stranger’s bed. The feeling made her want to push the boundaries even more. Pushing aside the covers and any lingering doubts, she moved her hand from her nipple and began sliding down her tummy to the folds of her pussy. Wetness touched her fingertips as she dipped them inside of her pussy. Tentatively at first, but her desire quickly spread and she became more brazen.

She begun to thrust her fingers in and out of her wetness; while fondling her clit with her other hand. A soft moan escaped her lips as her fingers continued to move in and out; building in force. She closed her eyes and began to fantasize that instead of her fingers it was a sexy hunky guy—one who existed to satisfy her every desire. He would thrust his huge hard cock inside and ease the ache.




Brent, Brad and Ben Bear pulled up to their cabin.

“Hey, which one of you left the light on?” Brent directed the question to his two brothers.

“Not me,” Brad and Ben answered in unison.

The three of them quietly entered their home. Nothing seemed out of place until they heard soft muffled noises coming from Brent’s room. Creeping toward his room, Brent opened the door silently while his brothers looked on. To their surprise, a beautiful blonde with large breasts and curves in all the right places lie naked in his bed. The sounds they’d heard hadn’t been a struggle, or someone pilfering through their belongings. It’d been the sounds of pleasure as the woman on the bed brought herself to orgasm.

Brent switched on the light for a better view of the woman. Instantly, he grew hard with desire. Unable to tear his eyes away, he watched the most erotic thing he’d ever seen.

Brent saw his brother Brad reach into his pants to adjust himself, obviously as aroused by the scene as he was. A glance at Ben showed he was suffering the same discomfort. It was understandable. She was the sexiest woman he’d ever seen.

The blonde froze in place. Staring back at them, she looked frightened but there seemed to be a hint of desire in her eyes.

He wanted to take a step towards the bed but was afraid he would startle her. Who she was or why she was there just didn’t matter. At that moment, he simply wanted her.

Brent imagined his brothers felt the same way. It’d been far too long since any of them had a woman. Living out in the woods, they didn’t often go into town and meeting women seemed to be a tricky feat. If meeting one, she usually did not want to come way out into the woods to be with them.

Brent smiled a bit, staring at her. She looked curvy all over the way he liked his women to be. Brad, was the breast man of the bunch and the perfect tits on the woman in front of them seemed to be sending him into a frenzy. As for Ben, there was nothing he loved better than going down on a woman and the lush, wet pussy on display in front of them was probably torturing him with an oral temptation.




When Goldi noticed the change in the lighting, her eyes had flown open in horror. Her terror now faded into a mixture of curiosity and lust as she surveyed the three incredibly hunky men standing in the doorway.

They stared at her as if she were there next meal.

With dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, they were muscular in build but each of them varied in height slightly. If they looked this sexy in their clothes, she could only imagine what it would be like to see them in the nude.

Goldi realized her hands were still touching her wet pussy. She’d stopped moving her fingers when they entered the room but never removed her fingers from inside herself. Unsure what she wanted to do, she was still burning with desire. Embarrassed at being caught pleasuring herself in their house, but at the same time, she found herself even more turned on by the way they stared at her.

Their clearly evident desire made her feel incredibly sexy. It was something she hadn’t felt in such a long time. A wicked thought crossed her mind. What would they do, she wondered, if she just continued? Would they keep watching, or would they join her? After all, she’d been wishing her fantasy would come true, of having a very sexy guy there to satisfy her every need. Now there were three very hunky sexy guys standing before her and they all looked, from the bulges in their pants, more than ready to satisfy her.

It seemed to Goldi that they were at a stalemate, as no one wanted to make the first move. She raised herself up to her knees so that she was facing the doorway, giving them a full view of her naked body. Deciding to be bold and break the silence, she said, “Now that isn’t fair! You guys have seen me in the nude, so it would only be fair for me to see all of you…That is, if you’re up for it?”

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