Friday Giggles…

I know my neighbor is not a morning person, but I strive to make her smile anyway. She’s a divorcee and most of the time she’s pretty grumpy, but that doesn’t hinder my cause. I was watering my flowers this morning and she came out of the house on her way to work.

Me: “Good morning, neighbor!” *smiles and waves*

Neighbor: *Glares at me and groans*

Me: “You look nice today.”

Neighbor: *arches upper lip and groans again as she heads for her car*

Me: “I’ll miss you while you’re gone.”

Neighbor: *pauses briefly, shakes her head and climbs into her car*

Me: “I love you!” (And to clarify, I didn’t just say ‘I love you’, I gave her the longing expression with it, like I can’t live another moment without her. The expression is what sells it.)

Neighbor: *stares at me awkwardly and then erupts in laughter* “You are crazy, girl.”

Me: *waves again* “Have a nice day!”

Yeah, I may be a little crazy but I got her to smile. 🙂 Everyone deserves a smile.

Happy Friday, friends! Have a fabulous weekend.

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