#DaVincisDemons, Season 2 ~ Ep 8 The Fall From Heaven

DA-VINCIS-DEMONS-image-from-webThere are not many shows I devote my time to, given that I don’t have much time to offer with my writing schedule and all… but Da Vinci’s Demons is a huge exception. I HAVE TO watch this show! Seriously, I’m borderline obsessed.

Last night, Da Vinci came so close to finding his mother, but the big reveal ended with a brilliant surprise.

First, I have to say that I’m still weeping for Zita. I miss her character so much. She was good for Riario. Her presence, as well as Nico’s presence, softened him up, and gave him a difference purpose in his quest. He showed compassion, something I didn’t think he had.

Can we take a moment to reminiscence on the steamy love scene between Zita and Riario? Mm, yes! Sheer hotness on a platter.

Moving on…

In this episode, Lorenzo is rolling around with his former lover, who is now his current lover, which is sort of fair since his wife, Clarice is busy bumping uglies with Lorenzo’s half-brother. Or his half cousin? Not sure which, but they are related. These acts are in poor taste for them both, but nevertheless, hella sexy.

Lorenzo won the favor of the psychotic king (whose name escapes me), by killing one of his adversaries. But that was quickly interrupted when the pope imposter aka sinister twin reared his evil head. I can’t wait to see where the story goes from there.

Let’s rewind, shall we…

In the last episode, Da Vinci was right at the door of the tomb, which is prophesied to hold the Book of Leaves, but of course his new crazy wife, priestess Ima, appears seething in anger and jealousy, because he crossed the gate of Heaven without her at his side. Instead, he crossed with Riario, his frenemy, at his side, which is how I thought it was supposed to be, since they are the sun and the moon. After throwing Nico and Zo at Da Vinci’s feet all bloody and battered, she ordered her guards to seize him and Riario.

Honestly, I was rooting for Ima and her people before that part. Now she’s just a priestess bitch to me.

Before Da Vinci was dragged away by the savage sun tribe, he heard his mother’s voice call out to him. That scene had me on the edge of my seat. How is she in there? There is no way in hell she could survive locked in that tomb after all these years. With nothing to eat or drink, and with no air circulating through there… It’s impossible. Right? Odder things have happened. At first, I thought maybe Da Vinci was hearing things. If you watch the show, you know it’s not uncommon for the brilliant artista to hear and/ or see people that have passed on to the other side. But his mother’s voice is heard again and not only by him, confirming that she is indeed locked in the tomb.

Now, rolling into this recent episode, Riario is ready to throw in the towel. He has lost Zita, along with his faith, and he really doesn’t see a bright end to his quest, but rather one soiled in blood.

“Our lives are made by the deaths of others.” ~ Riario

Our beloved Da Vinci is not so quick to surrender. He sees a different end in their future. That is when Riario remembers a rather shocking incident in his past, and he reveals it to Da Vinci. I think that was his way to say he deserves to die.

“He asked me to do terrible things…” ~ Riario

His father charged him to strike down anyone who opposes him, or anyone he saw as a threat. Riario’s target was a women, who is later on revealed to be his mother. It was a very moving scene. Da Vinci would move mountains to find his mother, while Riario stews in regret and self-hatred for having slayed his mother. Such opposite paths they have walked. And to see them come together, once enemies and now friends… it’s something I didn’t expect. Whether Riario stays on this path… we shall see.

Moving on…

Ima tells Da Vinci it would please “their gods” if they killed him and Riario as a sacrifice. See? Priestess bitch. Afterwards, the leader of their pack is supposed to drink his blood to gain his brilliance. Hm… savages indeed. She promised Da Vinci that his companions, Nico and Zoroaster, would be fine, until it was their time to be sacrificed as well. Yeah, I’m totally going to kill you and your friends, but don’t sweat it. I’m not going to kill them now, just later on. *rolls eyes*

What I enjoyed about that scene is when Da Vinci saw Nico and Zo, he said, “Don’t worry about me. Just remember you’re a shovelful of sunlight and camel snot.” That’s an odd thing to say to your friends right before you’re about to die. But in Da Vinci’s world, it was a code phrase, which Zo picked up on right away. This scene started off as one of Zo’s impulsive actions to get them free from their captors, but Nico swiftly spoiled his attempt.

“What the fuck did Riario do to you on that ship?” ~ Zoroaster

Nico unveiled the long sharp bone he had hidden behind his back, sliced the guard’s Achilles tendon and then plunged the bone’s lethal tip into the guard’s heart, killing him where he stood.

Nico’s response, “He taught me to survive.”

Nico had officially become an honorary BADASS. 😀 Go Nico! *fist bump moment*

After some rash actions from Da Vinci and some explosions from Zo and Nico, which happened right at the nick of time, they made a mad dash from the sacrificial stage. They met up with Zo and Nico, devised a swift plan to get away from the sun tribe and headed for the gate of Heaven. Ima and her guards were swift on their heels. To slow them down, Da Vinci sabotaged the gate opening. One of the sun people had the bright idea to use his body as a shield to keep the door from closing, you know, like an elevator door. Uh no… that’s not how it works. That fool got crushed. Blood and gore moment.

Anywho, once Riario and Da Vinci made it to the vault, Da Vinci of course figured out how to open it because he’s a fucking genius. Actually, I thought it was an ingenious twist that the clue to open it was within the background of the Mona Lisa, one of Da Vinci’s masterpiece, which may or may not be a painting of his mother. *grin* When the vault opened, instead of his mother, there was a golden mechanical bust in her image. That makes sense, because like I said, she wouldn’t have been able to survive in there. The bust opened it eyes and said Da Vinci’s name in his mother’s voice. You see, it was a voice recorder, the only one of that time. And now we know where he gets his brilliance from.

Through the bust, his mother relayed the message that she took the book of Leaves because she was betrayed by the sun people. The rest of the message is still a mystery being that one of the guards shot an arrow through the bust’s head. But we all know Da Vinci will fix it and get the full message in due time. Hopefully, within the next episode. 😀

I gotta tell you, this show astonishingly underrated. There are so many unexpected twists and turns. The cast is amazing. I applaud the writers of this show because they keep you guessing. On top of that, there’s a surprise in every episode.

I have a feeling I’ll be writing another Da Vinci’s Demons post next week. Judging by the trailer, the season is going to end with a bang, and leave the DD obsessed viewers, including myself, ever so needy for more.

CLICK HERE to get a play-by-play of Da Vinci’s Demons: The Fall From Heaven.

Tonight, I’ll be tweeting while watching Penny Dreadful, and depending on the episode, you may get a post about it. 😉

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