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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, folks! Today, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Leanore Elliott, Jane of all Trades! 😀

Leanore ElliotLeanore Elliott lives a life of many personalities. She’s an Author of 26 books. She works as a Pro Content Editor, Formatter, Book Trailer & Cover Artist. <– Like I said, Jane of all Trades 🙂

She does all of this because she loves books…She actually gets paid to read, portray and design them, who could ask for better?

She’s known as Wicked Leanore, or to her buds…just ‘Wicked’. She writes as the Wicked Muse and all of her multi genre stories are considered Hot to Melting.

Her fairy tale in the Anthology: Wicked Fairytales: the Curvy Collection is a well-known one, but you won’t recognize it as your childhood tale now…

Angela Darling landed her dream job, but when she meets two hot, dynamic executives…Angela begins to realize she might have actually landed in a dream. Things are not what they appear to be, as magic and lust swirl around her. Leaving her dreary life behind, Angela gives herself up to the land of NEVER NEVER.

Wicked FairyTales

We shall fly away, so far, so fast.

To live as a child and make it last.

There’s a wind that blows and drifts out to the sea.

Meet me there, come and be fancy free.

I shall fly you away so far, so fast.

Come take my hand and you shall forget…forget the whims of your past.

Never Never Excerpt

This was it. What she always longed for—always dreamed of and believed with all her might that it was a thing she would never have. “I have always loved you, Peter—always.” She sniffled.

Looking relieved, he broke out into a huge grin. “So, can I?”

Not understanding the question, she batted her wet lashes at him. “Can you what?”

Rushing toward her, he enveloped her in his arms, tugging her tightly to his body. He slid his fingers down along her hip and in between her legs as he gathered her lace under wear and tugged them tightly, till they pulled at her clit button.

Feeling the sensuous tug, she gasped with pleasure.

“Boss you around like I own your body but I promise, I will treat it better than my own. Say yes and let me take you to the edge of a sexual heaven over and over till you lose your mind, do you with my tongue, my um—tool, my fingers until you cream for me, scream for me?”

Tinkerbelle stared at his now serious expression and stilled. With the loaded sexual question, her breath just literally left her body.

Leanore’s Amazon Page


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